EURO 2016 or v3.6 Gameplay by Harlock For PES 2016

Download EURO 2016 3.6 Gameplay by Harlock

– Fixed previous bugs 3.0-3.5
– Goalkeepers improved by 80% Good
– Improved Goalkeepers, CPU ATTACK and DEFENCE COMBINATION
– Improved Referee and Fouls


Compatible with all patches!

Replay moments (In development)
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  1. It compliments beautiful gameplay, that I have only noticed that when comes hissed a player in offside the telecronistra says a phrase that it does not regard the player in offside but says that has been store clerk makes it besides this detail, this exe is not compatible with the tattoo.

    • I understand the tattoo problem, alot of gameplay patches arent compatible with tattoo patches. But the offside commentary being changed to the player being judged to have dived is annoying

  2. Good Patch . But Please Upload it on good mirrors as Zippyshare
    This version is better than previous versions and more balanced

  3. The gameplay is very good , but the comments do not succeed when it is foul or offside, and whenever there is foul says the same comment : ” simulated infringement ”
    La jugabilidad es muy buena, pero los comentarios no aciertan cuando es foul o offside

  4. harlock man change that refree shit whenever there is a foul the refree judge it as a dive and that commentary too overall better gameplay!

  5. Do these improvements only work in tournaments? Because in exhibition mode keepers are still shockingly poor at reacting to low shots.

  6. Even better than the last version, a little harder (or less easier, it’s still pretty easy for me) and the CPU seems to be smarter. Goalkeepers looked impreved too, specially the best ones, they’re almost impossible to beat.
    Great job. The only bad thing is that some comments are wrong, instead of offside they say dive, same for fouls, could you fix that?

  7. harlock everything is fine just need that foul and simulation part fix everything is perfect overall good gameplay..

  8. It’s far to easy to cut across from out wide and dribble past half of their defense and score. You can do this with any player who has decent speed or dribbling ability, even if they aren’t rated very highly. The ball physics and movement feel really good, haven’t noticed any problems with the goal keepers either. However, there is a bug where the commentators now say the player has taken a dive when that player has in fact been fouled. Overall defense needs to be improved, you should only be able to dribble past one player, maybe two.

    • You’re right about dribbling, but it’s not like “you should only be able to dribble past one or two players”. Dribbling is too effective, but if you know how to dribble and you’re using a good dribbler, you can dribble through the whole team, that’s a thing in every PES game. Anyway I agree about dribbling, is too effective, is like the defense just waits for you to dribble even inside of their own box, the defenders never try to tackle you. They should try to get out of their position and try to recover the ball, even if it ends up in a foul.

  9. Hi mate, could you please try to slow very down the gameplay?
    In my opinion is too faster than real football “tempo”, and if you would e able to slow very very down the ball speed, the gameplay would be very realistic!
    Thank you