DpFileList UPDATE 2016

Link: in description of Video above.

General Features:
– Maximum Data Packages (16,777,215 Packages including KONAMI DLC) for PES 2016.
– Minimum [DpFileList.bin] size.
– Make Back-up Option.
– Auto create an empty DpFileList if your game doesn’t have.
– Compatible with any Data Packages.
– Auto apply KONAMI DLC 1.00 – 3.00.
– Two optional language: English and Vietnamese.
– Pretty and modern skin.
– [Smart UPDATE] help you edit fastest and most easily (by only 1 click).
– [Manual UPDATE] help you edit correctly and much fast.
– [Launcher] (PES 2016 and Settings) help you launch PES 2016 at once you complete edit by this soft.

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  1. i did exactly like you did in the video and when i start the game, it says unable to load because the data is from a different version.. I use pte patch 4.1.. please help

  2. Same thing happened..i use pte patch and it says load from diff version or something.can u specifically teach us how to make this work in pte 4.1 patch?

  3. when i generate dpfilelist it make dpfilelist.bin of cpk but when i play the pes the jersey are same….nothing changes….how can i fix it????