PES 2016 St. James Park DF Version By LFCFAN99 (bebo9)

Download St. James Park For DF By LFCFAN99 Preview St. James Park stadium DF by bebo9

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Modeling and texturing: BEBO9 (LFCFAN99 is my name for pespatch site)

Pitch: Eastrlen Silva
Special Thanks to sxsxsx for his stadium exporter tool.

Finaly after long time at least I can give you DF version of St. James park.
DR and NIGHT versions coming. Dont expect them too early. I have a lot of lightmaps to bake on 1000 samples. There are some things I will MAYBE update in DF version for FULL relase. Currently in progress are still Emirates and White Hart Lane.

Please note: stadium was first set for ID 002 thats why there is still name St. James Park even though is empty. The real ID is 006.

More Screens :

St. James Park DF version 3

Installation: Copy St.James Park DF version.cpk to in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\download and use DpFileListGenerator v1.6

Stadium ID:006

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  1. I add it to pack stadiums estarlen, but some like stamford bridge or anfield, go as stadion13 etc, as I can rename?