PES 2016 PTE Patch v4.0 Released 03.02.2015

Download PES2016 PTE Patch 4.0

– Added Rapid Wien, Midtjylland, Krasnodar, Molde, Lokomotiv Moscow, Sion, Asteras & Legia – Fully licensed with correct squads, lineups, kits, faces, stats & acessories.
– Winter transfers – Until 02/02/16 (We only used in-game players (except for Bundesliga). No new players created. Notice too that, we tried to do all the transfers but, some can be missing, we are not perfects)
– Added new kits for: Arsenal, Nottingham, Hull, Porto, Sporting, Rio Ave, Tondela, Inter, Fiorentina, Atalanta, Sampdoria, Genoa, Torino, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, At. Madrid, Monaco, PSG, Chile, World Classics & European Classics
– Added kits for all fake teams from the Argentinian Primera Division and Chile Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank
– New stadiums: Mestalla, Estadio do Dragão, Borussia-Park, Estadio Nacional de Chile, Amsterdam ArenA, Vicente Calderon & Emirates Stadium.
– Updated the turf color of all added stadiums. Now they have the same color as the KONAMI default stadiums.
– Updated some team managers
– Added real stadium names for all the teams
– Added 50 + New faces – Including faces for J. Korb, El Nenny, J. Weigl….
– Fixed accessories, shirt names, positions for a lot of players
– Updated stats, accessories and positions for the Bundesliga players
– Fixed the fake players names for the online mode
– Added new balls: Adidas Errejota, UCL Finale 16 Milan
– Added new boots, including: Messi Platinum, evoPOWER 1.3 (Safety Yellow/Black/Atomic Blue), Nike Urban Lilac Pack, NB Furon (Black/Impulse/Silver Mink/ Thunder), Adidas 16 Pack (Purecontrol, primeknit & synthetic)
– KONAMI Data Pack 2.0 & Patch 1.03 included
– Online Compatible


Why no tattoos?
Because, the tattoos mod make the game crash, when a player with tattoos appears in a cutscene. For example, Messi with tattoos, in ML when he win the “Ballon D’or”, the game will crash.

* If you use the extra team mod, download the “Unlock Extra Team” below and read the info before install the PTE Patch 4.0.

– 1. Bundesliga 2015-2016 Licensed
– Premier League, Championship, Liga NOS Licensed
– New teams: Bate, Malmo, Shakhtar, Dinamo Zagreb, CSKA, Astana
– Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams
– Real logos and names for all the unlicenced leagues and competitions
– Added balls, boots and sleeve bagdes
– Added photos for all licensed managers
– UEFA Champions League Structure fixed
– 12 new stadiums correctly assigned to the respective teams
– Serie B fixed
– Patch compatible with the Greek and Russian languages
– Sider included
– Patch compatible Online

– Is not necessary have the previous versions of the patch installed
– If you find some error, please report
– Don’t use any of our work without permission
– How to add “cpk`s” on PTE Patch

– This is not a pack created by PTE so, the stadiums are not correctly linked to their respective teams.
– If you already have the stadium pack installed in the PTE Patch, you dont need to download again, just make a backup of the file “ptepatch_sta” who is inside the “download” folder of your PES 16 installation folder, before install the new patch.

– If you already have the adboards pack installed in the PTE Patch, you dont need to download again, just make a backup of the file “ptepatch_adb” who is inside the “download” folder of your PES 16 installation folder, before install the new patch.


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alexis2323, viper12, G-Style

– Special thanks to Brezinho, Ginda, everst9, mckagan22 & PES Arabia
– Special thanks to A. Hernandez for the Argentinian and Chilean kit pack
– Big thanks to the “TEAM PES MX” and their creators, Donaldo Medina, xDark Mauri15x, Mindmaster & UBarreras for the LIGA BBVA Bancomer for PTE Patch. Follow the “TEAM PES MX” quality work on their facebook page: Team PES MX Facebook

PTE Patch 2016 – mota10 – andy18cruz – Jesus Hrs – stavrello7 – NemanjaBRE

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    • No’s a all in one..!
      For a clean installation of the patch:
      A. Delete all you have in your PES 2016 installation folder except the “Data” folder and “_CommonRedist” folder (if you have the last one).
      B. Delete EDIT.bin from “Documents\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save”.

  1. Dumb question: I’m using the previous version and i’ve edited line-ups and stats for tons of players, there’s some way to conserve that? Cause i really don’t want to do it all over again…

    • just reset the original settings of the player and bam!! the face is corrected! :) at least until there is a fix for this and other bugs.

        • You must go to the Edit menu, choose to edit players and you must select the player you want, in this case Martial. Then you see a option to reset him to the defaults. Just need to press the correspondant button, accept and bam!! his face changes to normal! ;)

  2. If I got pte 2.1, can I install pte 4.0 without delete all old version files?
    I not sure if my master league game gone by installing this?

  3. why the stadium olimpico barcelona and real madrid stadium great britain, how to correct or am I wrong in installation, sorry my bad english language, thankyou

  4. is there any add-ons for j-league/a-league/k-league/chinese super league and liga mx/mls? there’s too much fake player with all those fake leagues…

  5. i think why the tattoos mod crash because there’s some parameters in character_config haven’t write yet. For example messi tattoo, the parameters on character_config should be like this

    skin id=”7511″ path=”./body/custom_skin/”/
    specular id=”7511″ path=”./body/”/
    dmodel_skin id=”7511″ path=”./d/”/

    Every players tattoo mod should have that parameters. I use tattoo mod with PTE patch 3.1 and all is fine, no crash. FYI i combine tattoo mod by marceu, tunizizou and hawke. So all you guys PTE, i know you can fix that in the next version

  6. Thank you guys for your hard work. You make this game way more fun!!! Keep it up and don’t pay attention to dumb comments! :D

  7. Can you describe how to install this new patch 4.0 if i have installed PES Tuning Patch 2016 v1. (Released 26/12/2015)??
    The latest patch before this patch 4.0 has 41 stadiums, is it true that if i install this patch the stadiums will be 48 or just like the Screenshot (onlye 35)??
    Thanks for the new patch, TEAM PES MX, :D

  8. funciona de perlas en el próximo talvez puedan incluir las adboards led de Shrek10 y más estadios los que vienen están excelentes Grande PTE el mejor parche digan lo que digan

  9. The patch is the best I have seen so far!

    But the game crash a lot of times, so I can’t play with it.
    Anyone else where the patch crashes?

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      Bundesliga (Rep-logo)
      Copa del Rey (Not-Rep-Logo)
      Eredevise (Rep-logo)
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      PTE Patch (Def-Rep-logo)
      Serie A (Rep-logo)

  10. Could you please replace PAS League with top Asian League such as J-League..? I tried to make it myself but it turned out really bad.

  11. i can’t remove/turn off the directional free kick guide. even if i already set off at the system setting>match setting> free kick guide.

    are there any way to turn this off.?

  12. Pes out of version after latest patch by konami. i cant connect to server anymore i have steam version.when u guys will make it compatible ?

    • Go to>PTE icon an run as administrator n then go to>Settings>choose the Pes 16exe. file on da folder where u installed your game>click Save n that’s it your game will start with da PTE patch

    • i think is DpFileListGenerator… works fine after installation but after adding cpk with DpFileListGenerator i get dummy player etc!

  13. Anyone else with tatto mod the game freezes? anyone know why that happens? please help !!!!!! thanks and sorry for my bad English: /

  14. Will I able to change the default ball in ML yet ? :( like when I pick any team from LaLiga and play ML, it’s always the white-green ball, why can’t I change it to the other ones ?

    • You can change it on Edit, select a League and you will see an option called “ball” or something like that, then, you select the ball that you want.

  15. I install the patch, and when I am going to open te game, it just appear the KONAMI logo, and nothing more, all black.

    What should I do ?

    I’ve install and re-install and nothing appened

  16. I have a problem after i installed PTE patch 4.0 , cannot open the game ,when i start the game nothing gonna happen , where is the problem or how i can configure it ?

  17. I downloaded the files and I extracted them but the setup is not working when I want to open it
    there is a notifacion the pc shows

    chek with the software publisher
    plzz help me

  18. Maravilloso parche, he de confesar que yo antes utilizaba TUGA, pero como tardó mucho en sacar su parche para el PEs 2016 opté por PTE y la verdad estoy muy contento con los resultados, ¡GRACIAS!

  19. some sweet fx didnt work, its either showing black screen or all the words in game dont show at all. And please can you guys show me how to change the default ball in ML for La Liga league only ? its always the white-green ball :(

    • jajaja,,and you look for help in PTEpatch post ..very intelligent …Do you know that Pes Tuning patch is a full copy of PTEPatch with some add ons? ..please ,don´t tuch us the balls , a little of respect …

  20. Tell me guys, if I use the patch would it be ok with the following Konami updates? I’m playing Steam version and I need PTE Patch for kits and emblems mostly.

  21. PES is out of date after latest patch by konami. I can’t connect to server anymore. I have a Steam version. When I put PES2016.exe 1.03.01 not all teams work. What to do?

  22. Como hago para jugar online? desde que instalé el parche el matchmaking queda infinitamente buscando rival y no encuentra a nadie!

  23. When I add this stadium to pte .. it removes other edited stadiums leaving me with only default stadiums … WHAt to do?

  24. Many players are missed.

    Chelsea – M. Miazga
    Bayern Munchen – S. Tasci
    Zenit – Y. Zhirkov
    Sporting – H. Barcos, O. Drame
    CSKA Moscow – A. Olanare
    Galatasaray – R. Donk
    Dynamo Kyiv – L. Haruna

  25. how can I install pes 2016 pte 4.0 but keep the previous record like I already change the lineup for the team and I don’t want to change that again once I install the new various of patch.

  26. Desde que instale eso el juego no abre, he intentado como administrador y simplemente no abre, si me pueden ayudar se los agradeceria

  27. I install the patch, and when I am going to open te game, it just appear the KONAMI logo, and nothing more, all black.

    What should I do ?

  28. I have a problem after i installed PTE patch 4.0 , cannot open the game ,when i start the game nothing gonna happen , where is the problem or how i can configure it ?