PES 2016 Hard Gameplay by Harlock Released 18.02.2016

Download PES2016 Hard Gameplay Patch by Harlock

Hello everyone.
Hardcore gameplay!
Improved Defence and Goalkeepers.

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At your request I have made the game more challenging.
Improved defenders and goalkeepers. (Referees are under development).
It’s difficult? You decide so that’s the Test! Write reviews, wishes and stuff.

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  1. I still have doubts about the goalkeepers of his team.
    Obviously the referees must improve as you said.
    How can I send you a replay?

  2. Very Realistic gameplay and Good Skill especially the Goalkeeper. U have made me really love this game. Worth playing. Thanks for your hardwork!!!!

  3. I think the gameplay is really good.
    After 5 games still find their gk’s hands of butter on weak shots.
    Referees sometimes warn opponents but no penalties were given or free kick from the edge.

  4. So I Downloaded The Patch (using a premium link generator :D )
    The Patch is very very very good
    much better than the 3.3 version
    Good Job

  5. I can’t download it until I wait 10mins cause the spam downloader says I already downloaded it but I haven’t cant you people host these files that are less cumbersome as far adware and spamming goes for the end user??

  6. Harlock all your link are wrong… some doesn’t start download, some downloads bad file is crashed… put this to zippyshare please ;)

  7. patch was great but..why when every time i gave away a foul …the commentator said its a dive?? WTF haha that funny…great game….love the patch do more with the referee.. goalkeeper still abit low.. the compactness… every player positioning all the players… i don’t need to man mark setting anymore like yair gameplay player positioning is good when defending thru opposition player…

  8. Why make it so hard for us to download. People use zippy share or media fire. Please change the upload links, or anyone upload via zippy share? Thanks

  9. Es la peor versión de todas!
    Cuando me marcan falta, el narrador dice “simuló la falta”
    y los porteros empeoran, no puede ser que la versión 3.1 tenia mejores porteros y entre más versiones sacan queda peor, perdí una final de mi liga master porque mi portero se comió 3 goles fáciles

  10. Gameplay is so agresive goal keepeer n refree is improve,when we are leading cpu do more foul especially in the last minute,please release hard gameplay for version 1.03.02,harlock,great works.

  11. Good Gameplay ..too much fast for me … but it´s good …Can you make the machts have 45 or 60 would be great..Thanks and regards..

      • Hi: please make it for 1.03.01 version also (if you can)..thanks in advance …(read also my down comment) ..tnaks so much again and best regards…

  12. yes?? that’s true?……it will be fantastic ¡¡¡ …spent years waiting it, from the Gameplay tool of the Master Jenkey1002,no one had it… I hope with impatience you release it soon … a million thanks in advance Harlock … you are the best¡.. best regards Master…¡¡¡

  13. i was extract file in my installation folder: c:program files(x86)\pro evolution soccer 2016. but when i open pes 2016, its stopped working, please help me. sorry for my bad english