PES 2016 Gameplay by Harlock 3.3 Compatible With 1.03.02

Download Gameplay PES2016 by Harlock 3.3 Ready For 1.03.02

Gameplay by Harlock 3.3 with 1.03.02. Compatible with 1.03.02 and all patches.
Thanks to everyone!

New version coming soon, better mirrors too.

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  1. with the links provided its impossible to download…can you use mediafire or zippyshare or mega instead?… this some kind of joke????everytime i attempt to download the server tells me i reached the maximum amount of connections with this ip…..what the hell???

    • Administrators remove my 2 latest patches. PES 2016 Hard Gameplay 1.03.02 by Harlock,PES 2016 Gameplay by Harlock 3.3 With 1.03.02. I made a mistake.So excuse me.In the near term fix.Thank you for understanding!

      // ok.

    • Stop , stop, stop ..Harlock is very honest man…. I have download all his patches from here and his own server without problem ..he work for all people with his patches and not even use adflys…If you don´t like, don´t download his patches, but do not insult him… you have not any reason for it …

      • I can understand you but the patch is not working since the beginning and all links are the worst that I know or for making money..
        Why writing this ? :
        So far, there is no possibility.Change in the future.Thank you for understanding.
        is it so hard to use another way to upload ?
        in any case it is impossible for most Members to download in these conditions..

      • well you are one of the very few…many people here complain about the same issue..they cannot download it…so this is no mater of respect….everybody respect him as patchmaker… say dont download???its countless times i try to download without what are we/you talking about?if he post here he must let the people able to download…and you say without adflys?..its countless adfly(or similar) opened before reaching download link and after not even able to download.i just wonder with you take defense of the indefensable and i wonder why the moderators did not interveen last i managed to download from a link another user kindly gave to find out what?that the exe in the so called patch don’t even work!!!!!!so much time spent for???damt nothing!!!!..and you what you call this???RESPECT??

      • by the way , no one is insulting no one.and about respect, go to oltreilcalcio site and look for mvp77 gameplay forum(but you must know italian language because he is italian like me).he explain all the times what he has done and also left a tutorial in case anyone want to spend some time to make personal gameplay patch and all that without adflys or money making servers of any sort.that is what i call respect.Its not the case of this guy here you are trying to defend…but again..without insulting anyone,truth is truth and with links he provided is almost impossible to download for lets say 99% of users….all this only for the sake of money not for the spirit that being a community(PES)he would like to share his masterpieces…so again(last time)..what are we/you talking about.i am pretty sure the above mentioned percentage of users agree with my thoughts..this without offending or trying to offend anyone.

        • I agree with much of what you say , but to say that he is not Honest is to offend him , and it´s not true… he don´t deserve it…
          Below the message in server when say “rechead by exced limits of downloads ..etc..etc..” it say wait for 10 minuts and try again… sometimes it happend 2 or 3 times… you must wait too much ,I know it, but at least you can download the file ….always…it happend always in turbobit and others servers of the East Europe…

          • sorry but i never used the word disonest about him…i just talk about respect and what this word means for me. you can agree or not.your choice

        • My comment was addressed to Jackbrink, not for you, he was who said that Harlock was not honest … anyway , so you pay for patches , I think you have not right to demand absolutely nothing , if you do not like his way of doing things ,simply look for another gameplay…or do it yourself , if you can…

  2. also this gameplay is some kind of joke.nothing new my friend.the keepers are no good, cpu still makes low shots on the second post, referees still not whistle or if they whistle is only in cpu favour. the left (or right too) wing player still clash with the left (or right defender), the shots are still rocket sky(and cpu shots terribly low too)…well..just like konami gameplay..I just wonder what did you change here and i also wander how can you pretend to make money with this joke???..this i s only my opinion ah???but so long time spent to download this and the exe not work and the changes you made..well ..i cannot see them…i am sorry and i don’t want to appear arrogant but in a word its pure placebo.Just look at mvp77 gameplay instead, there you can really see differences…some issues i described are also found in his patch least the cpu dont make robot-like gameplay and the game is really a lot more hard than the original…and i tell you that just for pure sake of truth..not because mvp77 is italian like me and for this reason i wanna state his gameplay is far far far better than yours(all without adflys and stupid fake links)…its just the truth!!!!!

    • Micheal, io ho provato il gameplay di cui parli.
      E’ buono, ma i propri portieri hanno sempre le mani di burro.
      Ti risulta ?

      • ti avevo fatto un commento dettagliato su sta cosa ma non me lo postano, probabilmente perche’ veritiero…un consiglio?non perdere piu’ tempo con sto cialtrone…non ha cambiato un bel niente o codici che non servono a niente.tutto solo ed esclusivamente per far soldi con quei siti del c. a cui si appoggia..ciao

      • comunque prova a tradurre il commento che ho fatto in inglese…il succo e’ tutto li.l’ ho provato anch’io e anchio ho perso tanto di quel tempo per scaricare sta monnezza…non c’e’ niente di cambiato qui rispetto all’originale.fidati.ciao