PES 2016 RealGFX (PS4 Like Graphics) by Paras Jasal

After a long break and the success of AdvancedHD Graphics v2 I am back with my new Reshade mod named RealGFX. It includes:

1) FXAA Antialised (so that there is less performance loss)
2) HDR
3) Dynamic Sharpening technique
4) Brightness and colors of shadows, midtones and highlights adjusted
5) A bit of Vibrance added
6) New custom tonemapping for the perfect colors
7) Skin looks super realistic
8) Little Performance Loss

Download PES 2016 RealGFX (PS4 Like Graphics) (v1) PES 2016 RealGFX (PS4 Like Graphics) (v4)
PES 2016 RealGFX (PS4 Like Graphics) (v2) PES 2016 RealGFX (PS4 Like Graphics) (v3)

My aim with this was to get the closest look to PS4 along with taking care that there is less performance loss. I am having little lag with this on a GT720 Nvidia @1024 * 768 resolution.

zippyshare uploaded

Please leave feedback after you test it. Grin

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  1. Funciona perfecto, con pes Galaxy v 1,3 2.0. lo ultimo, no tiene conflicto hasta el momento, se los recomieindo!1

  2. hey man, just had chance to check this out. Really good effort. I have a couple of bits of feedback for you. I have a tattoo pack installed for players and this corrupts them unfortunately making their bodies white, as in #FFFFF white. Also I’d perhaps recommend lowering the contrast or saturation on the pitch as its a little harsh. Otherwise, performance is fantastic and player visuals are awesome. hope to see these issues fixed with an update. thanks for your work.

    • thanks man, i have no idea about the tattoo mod being incompatible with it because this is just a reshade mod and does not effect game files, still I’ll look into it. and as for contrast and saturation i will improve me surely in the next version :)

  3. If u have any lag , delete Sweet folder from Reshade and 2 file with ‘sweet’ name ,delete this files and folder . i have tested , no any grapich change , but lag fixed for me

  4. mr it was great specialy game play but after setuping it my game had some crashes & tick
    idont have any sweet fx and
    graphic : 2 64bit
    ram : 4
    cpu : core i5
    what should i do please answer me

  5. wonderful work. no lag on gtx 970. thanks a lot. could you pls make some staff and crowd patch? they look horrible on pc. will be highly appreciated