Patch PES 2016 myClub TugaVicio v1.0 Released 26.02.16

Download PES2016 myClub TugaVicio version 1.0 Preview Patch PES16 myClub TugaVicio v1.2 Links Patch PES 2016 myClub TugaVicio v1.0.2 Preview Patch myClub TugaVicio v1.0.3

Compatible with:
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 myClub (FREE version from steam)
DLC 2.0 (not included)
Patch officer 1:03:02 (not included)

All correct names
All badges
All kits
Lawns improved (Turf Mod)
GR gloves
Among other things


1. Install PES 2016 MyClub on Steam (FREE)
2. Install Patch (just select your steam folder)

Credits are equal to the Patch Tuga Addiction for PES 2016 Patch MyClub because this was based on the PES 2016 Patch Many members will not see the content know this patch but we’ll leave the names in it.

TEAM Tuga Vicio:

Other credits:
neto22, Cronos, Engloda, Vadim, Prince Shieka, MarioMilan, HD3011, Tunizizou, Fatih KUYUCAK, So-Yul, CRI, Mo Ha, Ginda01, Fruits, majuh, quangtri78, pesmonkey2013, Alief, exTReme, Ozy_96 PesMod, donyavia, Mohamed Triki, Jesus Hrs, Estarlen Silva, A20Group, River Jin, Franklucio, BruhDawg, mEkc10, DP13, killer1896, muske25, BlackRider1993, ljq12697, PolarisNine
All Facemakers, All Kitmakers, All edit PES

juce, extream87, lagun-2, smeagol75, sxsxsx, razib_46, evowebonly

Translation PES Selector: BOOX, shadominus.

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  1. Unhandled exception has occurred in your application . if you click continue , the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue , if u click quit , the application will close immediately.

    Help please.. That happens when i click Play.. When i open it normal it doesn’t give me the original kits on BPL. :(