Download GEMBOX Patch For PES 2016 PS3


– Include DLC 2.0
– Bundesliga 2015-2016 Licensed
– Premier League, Championship, Liga NOS Licensed
– J-League, MLS
– Seria B Kits Licenced
– New teams: Malmo, Shakhtar, Dinamo Zagreb, CSKA, Astana, Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Celtic, Legia Warszawa
– Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams
– New kits for Russia, Belgium, N. Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Denmark, Bosnia
– Real logos and names for all the unlicenced leagues and competitions
– Added 50 balls, 100 boots, 100 Glove and sleeve bagdes
– Added 100 + Real faces
– Added Adboard LED
– Pitch Mod + realTURF v1 by l4vezz1
– More…


– dt80_Others.cpk added chants

– dt80_Stadium.cpk Added Stadium (New Turf and Light Config)
> Wembley Stadium
> Estadio da Luz
> Stade de France
> King Fahd International Stadium
> Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Stadium
> El Monumental
> La Bombonera
> Olympiastadion Berlin
> National Stadium in Warsaw
> Estadio Comunal
> National Olympic Stadium
– dt80_Faces.cpk Added some face on classic team and league
– dt80_Update.cpk Update Database and Fix Kit CL Tottenham
– SAVEDATA, Update latest transfer until 23-01-2016


Tutorial for a clean installation of the patch
– On the XMB menu select Game Data Utility, then delete the existing Data Pack
– Unrar all parts BLES02187_PES2016_GEMBOX.rar or BLUS31564_PES2016_GEMBOX.rar, you will get a file .PKG
– Send BLES02187_PES2016_GEMBOX.pkg or BLUS31564_PES2016_GEMBOX.pkg to your USB Device or HDD external (send to root).
– Unrar BLUS31564_SAVEDATA.rar, you will get a folder PS3 and send again to your USB Device or HDD external (send to root)
– Install BLES02187_PES2016_GEMBOX.pkg or BLUS31564_PES2016_GEMBOX.pkg via XMB PKG installation menu
– Back to the XMB menu, then select Save Data Utility (PS3) menu, select USB Device, then copy Edit Data files to your PS3.
– Enjoy!!!


Konami, PES Logos, jenkey1002, WENS aka Untung Waluyo, Killer1886, danyy77, buffon99, klashman69, zlac, Jenkey, smeagol75, starvin, GOALARG, Baris Yerlikaya, l4vezz1, cRoNoS, PTE Patch, Nemanja, mariolino977, Tibinator, Hendra Surya Pratama, Adhitya Makalalag, all other various kit and faces maker.

[Image: 67be76461118430.jpg]

[Image: aa98da461118434.jpg]

[Image: 33ebaf461118438.jpg]

[Image: 0f4ba0461118440.jpg]

[Image: 951dcb461118442.jpg]

[Image: 216ca7461118447.jpg]

[Image: f7cd97461118904.jpg] [Image: cd4991461118907.jpg] [Image: 5cb2e1461118908.jpg] [Image: 702b70461118912.jpg] [Image: 4b4c12461118913.jpg] [Image: 1ea074461118916.jpg] [Image: 23b825461118918.jpg] [Image: 76f02a461118922.jpg] [Image: 186d72461118925.jpg] [Image: 9797c1461118928.jpg]

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  1. Man happened because you separated from bluediskhaven because instead of separating all come together and take the best patch for PS3 please put aside differences and unite

  2. please more faces like iarmolenko,sadio mane,taison,el ghazi, el nenny,marko grujic,gudelj,thorgan hazard,park joo ho . thank you

  3. Gan bola nya banyak yg g fix, konami patchny tetap 1.03; ketika replay nama pemain di belakang baju jadi double; Install di cfw 4.7.
    Klo bisa pemain top juga di update hairnya gan:)

  4. Gan…ane kok ngerasa logo sctv nya ganggu ya…ga bisa bikin opsi ga pake logo gituan ? Norak aja rasanya…dan replay logo nya kalo bisa yg asli pes2016 , lebih kece drpd C+

  5. gan,,, ini compatible dgn datapack & version brp, coz pes 2016 ane pke datapack 2.0 dan version 1.03,, gx bisa jalan file2 agan yg kaya update stadio, face, other.


  6. hi, great work
    in uture update can you remove fake unlicensed team ?
    in master league or bal you can find team like pabrostein or other

  7. Other European Teams – Legia Warsaw kits
    -Exhibition Match Clubs Legia Warsaw kits is fine,
    -UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Legia Warsaw kits is bad,
    -UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE Legia Warsaw kits is bad

  8. Gan, kalo dipake main exibhition match biasa ngefreeze pas loading setelah game plan. Tp ane coba mainn exibition UEFA Europa League ga ada masalah.

  9. Hello , when i put savedata to my ps3 , the game stops before “the pitch is ours” is black screen and can’t continue … If i delete savedata games run normally. Thanks.

  10. GemboX, thank you so much for showing us exactly how a proper PS3 PES patch should be done! Simple, clean pkg install and we can even use it in ISO mode! Amazing!! Please, I hope you continue your awesome work and thanks for the best PS3 mod ever!!!! BTW, I’m sure you already know this but please remember to ignore the ignorant morons above who don’t have a clue how to do anything; frankly I’m amazed they are able to use a computer at all!?!? Just ignore the idiots and trolls and keep on doing what you’re doing for those of us who obviously do know, cheers! :D

  11. hi masters when i select dc united che game freeze
    don’t shows kits

    if you are interested i’ve update kits mls and adjust name position

  12. Gembox, I was so happy to see the real clean install patch, so I deleted the entire game with all Bluediskhaven add-on. Then, I copied all your pkg files (with required updates) and savedata on my usb and installed all of them in order you wrote. But, when I started the game nothing has changed, it’s just Konami’s naked game without real league names, abmlems, teams, players, etc…I have to say that I saw everytime a message: Unable to load data because is from different version (I downloaded your files for BLUS31564 and my game has the same ID). I don’t know what’s going wrong, please help!

  13. sargox the patch is incredible and very stable All that remains are the address lines be happy and corners else is great, I hope q fix soon

    • gan ane kok masi freeze si? ane cek di save data utility juga ga ke baca gan jadi ga bisa ke copy ke ps3..bisanya install patch gemboxnya doang?

  14. Cakep gaan,, ane sdh sukses install smw,, dan alhamdulillah smw work it. Gan minta tolong untuk update tambahanya, untuk tatoo2 para pemain, sekaligus stadion Anfield nya domg.


      • Maaf gan baru buka lagi ini forum,, hehehe. Yg versi ini udh d delete kaya’a gan. Skrg cuma ada versi 2.0, 2.1,2.2 ajja. Ane ajja nyesel update ke versi 2.2,,, gameplay’a enak yg versi ini menurut ane.

  15. Sargox, I solved errors during extraction pdf files and everything running smoothly. The patch is excellent, only some formations or lineups are incorrect, but I fixed that by myself. I will follow your work as a Team Community according to faith genesis raven…Good luck and big thanks!

  16. I was not orginally going to post here but since people are still looking in this post

    Sargox has not been online or posted an update since his last update so probably has disappeared
    Sargox has never responded to a single comment to provide support here

    This version posted here has confused a lot of people even I am confused with this
    because me and Sargox were working together great until this has happened.
    His gembox exclusive logo release is a bit of a mess.

    Plus your loosing out now on a lot of content
    This topic should be removed considering Sargox did not post this topic on pes-patch

    I always try my best to provide support I always try to respond to comments when I can
    sometimes a few days but in the end I always respond to the vast majority of them.
    I have video tutorials

    Main thing is that your loosing out on a lot of content

    – Over 30 Extra Teams
    – Updated & Fixed Balls
    – Updated Transfers and lineups
    – Fixed Kits
    – Optional Scoreboards (which you switch with a cpk)
    – Optional Menus (only have 1 at the moment but will be adding more)
    – Optional Chants
    – Optional Alternative Pitch Mods

    I am not tryng to hijack or anything but people are loosing out on content so therefore it is important
    to say at least something

    So pay attention to:
    and future updates of BlueDiskHaven

  17. i have problem when to download your patch original konami 1&2 . not succes and error downlod. please help, thnks.

  18. Kalo udeh update yg ini selesai smw,, bisa langsung update ke versi 2. 2 gak om? apa harus tetep ke versi 2. 0 dulu??