[PES2016] ✪Tattoo Pack V1.0 By Amir.Hsn7✪

Preview PES2016 Tattoo Pack 1.0 By Amir.Hsn7


******* PES 2016 Tattoo pack v1.0 by Amir.Hsn7 ******
36770 T.kroos
7959 S.Fabregas
38240 M.Ozil
9133 Pepe

****** Credits ******
Thanks to sxsxsx for tattoo mod
Thanks to Rob Kenshin,Insomniac (kroos/pepe Fifa textures/Fabregas Pes2014 texture)
Thanks to Tunizizou for Help

****** How to install ******
1- Copy tattoo_Amir.Hsn7.cpk to : Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\download
2- Add this cpk to your DpFileList.bin using DpFileList Generator by Baris
3- Copy tm_patcher.exe by sxsxsx in pes folder and apply the patch (works with 3DM nodvd exe 1.03/Only work with Pes2016.exe)
4- Reset appearence to default in edit mode to enable tattoos
(Or use Tattoo appearance edit By zlac)

-If you want use yair gameplay just rename the exe to PES2016.exe
-If you want use Tunizizou & Hawke Tattoo packs Just remove “PlayerAppearance.bin” and “character_config.xml” of them in following track and then repack!
“PlayerAppearance.bin”:common\character0\model\cha racter\appearance
“character_config.xml”:common\character1\model\cha racter

My instagram page:Amir.Hsn7

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