PES 2016 PS3 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [release 24/01/16]

Here I release [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod [MOD BLUS31564 / iMARS / BLESXXXXX] [BDH] By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven


Forum Thread: Here.

Password: Team Community


Only For Custom Firmware or With ODE (Optical Disc Drive)

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  1. Sargox Gembox Version:
    Honestly I am confused and disappointed because today I just found out today on pes-patch that Sargox has released the mod under gembox
    I was talking to Sargox recently and gave me the stadium stuff and we were talking about things I had half a dozen teams ready which was a day before his release
    Sargox is amazing in what he can do but sometimes he just does not dicuss things and goes in his own direction
    I’m more upset that again he didnt dicuss this and then completely rebrands the mod to only gembox honestly its been very frustrating with him recently
    I’ve done and Sargox has done a lot for pes ps3 modding
    if he wanted to change things or way its release then he only had to say and we could have discussed things
    but he does not seem to want to work together
    The point of me changing the name to team community was for a generic name that counts as both of us which I was dicussed with him before and he didnt seem to mind because for me it was wrong to call it bluediskhaven only and also wrong for calling the mod gembox only but there does not seem to be a team or a community for that matter

    Honestly I will probably quit now, because there is 0 logic to continue unless if things change

    Regardless of anything I know Sargox will do a great job
    Im happy how we changed the pes ps3 scene because there was never really a complete mod for long periods which has been updated often for the last two years pes 2015 and 2016

    Ofcourse we will see what happens but I just can’t work like this if things dont change, in certain ways he’s more innovative one but I have done a heck a lot of stuff too and maybe I am the more quantity one,
    I added extra teams even though sargox redone half of them
    (again without saying what he was working on I couldve done other teams…)
    Organized many other things which I think is still included in the mod he posted not sure have not checked

    I just think its wrong because he’s holding the scene back and the possibilites of the mod, I had a couple of teams ready talking to people to get help but problem is I cant work without Sargox I do not have the time by myself and if he’s not willing to work with me then I cant waste my time

    It is a pity because even though there were times i considered quiting but I felt recently the mod turned a corner but now it has went back and even furthur

    I have not even sent him any message yet regarding this
    I just dont know even what to say right now

    But overall you can enjoy the mod over:

    Thanks to all who supported me throughout the 3 years+ I have been modding pes games, your support has been wonderful! :D
    I hope that check out my other projects in the future.

    • I regret read this, such misunderstandings unfortunately is usual. I hope you can solve it, speaking people understand..yours patch together is fantastic and in the worst cases, everyone can continue their way independently and every user each pick the one that seems best. Thanks for everything!

  2. well. he did marked his release with BDH at the end. so, he did aknowledged your work.
    this is the best football game ever. especially this year, ofcourse, combining with your mod.
    let just say, you guys beat the fuck out of fifa. not konami. you. i think that says a lot. keep that in mind.

  3. People can take what I said different ways

    Look whether I quit or not there will always be some kind of a mod
    if its like what it is before or just Sargox, maybe there wont be as much or it will slower but there will still be great content regardless, I dont want to start anything sargox is not a bad person and i dont want people blaming him. ofcourse I am a bit frustrated about the things I’ve mentioned but that can happen anywhere but sadly its something I cant work at.

    Apparently Sargox did not post it on pes-patch and he is upset that someone did
    whether its true or not but its not the only issue for me like mentioned before.

    I know this will disappoint some people but its just simply that things are not working out right now

  4. I respect you decide, but your mod is almost finished, just left an update when winter transfer market finish and add the other european teams as it was in your old version of this patch. People like myself we dont know edit, want only your patch no others, we’re used to you…please don’t leave us all who follow u without at least taking a final version of your project dont give up when you almost finish what you started, think about it. Thanks for making us enjoy the PES Bluediskheaven

  5. Hello friend a question I mount all of your patch and install the stadium I remain great but I already had installed the go 3 gigas not leave me now go the Dormunt

  6. Please do not leave the pacth half just need to put the uniforms to the teams of America , the number for the kit from Germany, Spain 2 cr7 boots messi and new puma was mount but I have a damaged computer only I have wifi and I have lost all my tlf lol please do not leave until here :)

  7. I wanted to make a proper goodbye version and leave things in a good way incase if I never do another version
    Maybe if certain things can be better organized with Sargox then who knows I could come back
    (although for months have not been the case so it is unlikely) but regardless I wanted to release what I have done before this whole mess started
    Changes Added 10 New Other European Teams! :D

    • I’m not interested in any issue unless if its game-breaking
      As right now I have stopped working on things and the last update was of stuff that was already done

  8. Hello , when i put savedata to my ps3 , the game stops before “the pitch is ours” is black screen and can’t continue … If i delete savedata games run normally. Thanks.