PES 2016 PS3 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [release 18/01/16]

Here I release [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod [MOD BLUS31564 / iMARS / BLESXXXXX] [BDH] By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

Download PES2016 PS3 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven

Forum Thread: Here.

Password: Team Community


Only For Custom Firmware or With ODE (Optical Disc Drive)

Features & Credits

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I am happy if other people post my links on other blogs and site

as long as you dont change my links and keep the credits to me faith genesis raven from bluediskhaven because that can help to get the views up



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I’ll continue to work on this and will release regular updates

Stay Tuned!

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    • I have already said multiple times in the past
      the extra stadiums in the mod were converted from pes 2014 and 2015 to 2016
      Right now it is impossibile to convert pc to ps3,
      It will not happen, in the future who knows but right now impossibile

    • First one that would require to have different cpks per league as it is only possibile to have 1 replay and 1 scoreboard for the leagues

      Issue is that it is slightly awkward although not impossibile because its more than converting this time due to the resolutions being different from pc to ps3 in pes 2016 when before they were the same, basically have to extract resize repack then convert or else it wont work thats why to date i have not provided the same quantity of menus compared to last years game but I will try to do some and will also post a guide on how to edit menus for ps3