PES 2016 Pack Tattoo 105 Tattoos by Marcéu

Download PES2016 Pack Tatto 105 Tattoos by Marceu


Credits: Tunizizou, sxsxsx, Rob Kenshin, wichanwoo, SieL23, Hawke, donyavia, Mohamed Alaa, Alief, Tunizizou, Ausa…

TUTORIAL de instalação tattoo pack 105 by marcéu:

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  1. work for me i have solution but i not speak english / you need create this cpk again with cripackedfilemaker

  2. funciona perfectamente,lo que tienen que hacer es abrir el cpk que descargaron con el cripackedfilemaker, luego hacer un nuevo cpk, solo con la carpeta common.

  3. i’ve tried everything before and it was black screen all the time so i changed cpk name from “PACK TATTOO 105 TATOOO by Marcéu” to “tattoos” and now it’s working!

  4. El cpk original de marceu trae un archivo de agradecimiento en el interior, deben sacar ese archivo usando el cripackedfilemaker, luego arman de nuevo el cpk, ese nuevo cpk va en el folder download y al final lo agregan en la DpFileList.bin usando la herramienta de baris. Fucionan todos los tatuajes.

  5. It doesn’t work,even if i regenerate CPK or rename file it doesn’t work,it gives white arms to the players HELP!

  6. works fine on pte 3.1
    you need to download it then extract it and rename it to TATOO
    then go to the my documents KONAMI SAVE FOLDER DELETE EDIT0000000
    then copy the TATOO to game main folder DOWNLOAD and generate with dpfile generator
    then use tm_patcher copy it in pes 2016 main game folder
    run it as an adminstratr
    play the game…through pes 2016 .exe

  7. listo ya pude instalar el patch tattoo , da error con los player lucas pratto – de paul- caras negras y blancas, alguna solucion????

  8. Hi, I came to give my information that I have all tatto fifa15 (I have understood that tatto pes 2016 are taken from FIFA) to anyone interested is the can spend so transform PES 2016, thank you very much and sorry for my bad English