PES 2016 Gameplay by Harlock v3.0

Download PES2016 Gameplay by Harlock 3.0


– Goalkeepers
– Judges
– Fouls
– Pass and other minor fixes

To see the full power of the gameplay play Master League and Cup.


Installation :
Download and copy to /Data Folder. ex: D: \ RG Catalyst \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 \ Data.

Compatible with all patches. (Steam/NonSteam).

Pes 2016 Gameplay by Harlock 3.0 – третья версия геймплей патча от Harlock для Pes 2016. Автор учел многочисленные отзывы фанатов и сделал новый патч, который повлияет на геймплейный процесс игры Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.

Предупреждение: Прочтите всю текст чтобы не было проблем с установкой патча Исправление: Судьи доработаны Вратари улучшены Пасы и мелкие исправления Игра стала реальнее. (в ближайшем сделаю еще реальнее) Чтобы увидеть всю мощь геймплея играйте в Мастер Лиге и в Кубках.

1. Переместить файл в папку data с заменой старого файла
2. Перед установкой сделайте копию заменяемого файла.

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  1. Your link doesn´t work. On the site there is no downlaod button or link for it. @Harlock

    // just tested. links work.

    • The game became balanced.Game speed reduced.More fouls and the judges considered a foul.Goalkeepers catch the ball with their performance.The best goalkeeper of the better catches the ball.

  2. Hello mate,

    can you also please improve the freekicks, so that the shooted ball (with curve) goes higher over the wall and falls down quicker like in real life? (like pranjic or X. Alonso.)

  3. Thank you very much for this patch, I like the fact opponent teams close down my players faster, as well as the shooting is a bit stronger and feels more satisfying! Well done and thanks a lot for this gameplay patch. Your best so far!

    • Can be used with the patch Yair.But you will not see the charm of the gameplay.After all, the gameplay is made for the original PES

  4. My secons question and now I hope you will answer. When I open the button I have noch change to downlaod something because there is no download link. @Harlock

  5. How to install? there is a file dany77_p2.cpk where I put it?

    i install only dt18_win.cpk and it seems work.
    I finally had a penalty in favor but when the opponents have shot from mark always

  6. Good job dude! I play ML and become more realistic. This patch is suitable for me it’s not too hard and not too easy. I play in Superstar match level. You all guys should try it!!!

  7. Please you make harder gameplay.

    The rival Defenders very bad and attackers can’t attack.

    All matches 6-0, 7-0.

    Can you make anything for this problem?

  8. @Harlock: Your patch can be compressed to a 200kb file, instead you don’t compress it and packed it with a huge worthless file… In top of that you chose the worst server. Thanks, but no thanks… Won’t download from you again… Bye

  9. Terribly easy with this patch, with Yair patch only game was fine, after installing this one I finish all matches like a tenis set, 6-0, 6-1, 7-1.

    Oponents get terribly worse than without this patch.

    Also as mentioned by another person above, terribly big with a bad server.

  10. Nice patch, make scoring a bit too easy. Maybe you will change it.
    +2 for developing direct freekick – harlick, do you think you can make them more real?

  11. ok i respect your effort for making this patch but still have the same mistakes:
    -easy to score with short corner and run , easy to score by wings, just run to the corner falg then return then run to the box so easy, gk or def mistakes when there is foul or goalkick , i took always the ball before the cpu . for me nothing can fix those mistakes

  12. there is big big gameplay prob in pes 2016 that no gameplay patch can fix it,
    guys try this things and you will hate pes 2016:(super star difficulty)
    1-kick off : just run straight make few easy moves and you will find your player head to head to keeper just shoot then goal.

  13. 2-corner kick: just play it short if is left side: take ball,press right and run then press front run straight with the line of the box shot and goal .
    3-you can score a goal with any player just run by wings to the corner flag then do the same trick of corner kick : goallll

  14. After 17 matches, what to improve in my opinion (for ML):
    1) our goalkeepers still too weak with the weak shoots
    2) referee must punishes several serious fouls opponents
    3) increase the difficulty of superstar level

  15. you say Download and copy to /Data Folder. ex: D: \ RG Catalyst \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 \ Dat, and when basztian ask you where to move danny77_p2.cpk you say Leave the file you do not need.
    so what we have to do move the file to data download folder or not?

  16. sorry i think am confused.
    please give me a clear answer what is danny77 and what is dt18? how to install and which?
    can i play this with yair patch?
    Thanks alot

  17. harlock you are great . this patch is great .but the only weakness is the defender ai is worse and its easy to play and score. but its also fun . thanks for your hard work . waiting for your next update patch where attaking and defensing will be balanced. keep it up.

  18. nice work, really like it.
    when will you release a new version of the gameplay.
    Can you really overwork freekicks, like some people here already requested?