Seems like some of you forgot to add credits in their patches and packs, and ignore our warning.

Do not send any more patches to us if you do not add credits !

I know 100% of you will see this… if you want respect and appreciation, show respect and appreciation.

No credits and your patch will not be published in time, but some day, when you send credits, or else…

Thanks for understanding. Good game ! http://translate.google.com/

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  1. I think you should go forward and not share patches with stolen work. Credits is not enough when some people use full patches from other people, make some changes, give some name to the patch and them just give credits to the real creators, without ask for permission.

    This is very disrespectful for the original creators and because of that, teens like PESEDIT, stopped making patches and probably other teams will do the same.

    This is killing the PES community and i know what im saying because im in the pes community for a long time, i was a patch maker and i stopped because of that !!

  2. Let’s stop make patches because we are tired to play pes 2016 and fifa 16. We pc users deserves a better soccer game!
    Say NO! to PC ports. Ever!
    Fight everyone! Or you all are afraid!

    // lol.

    • It seems to lol to you administrator. At last we are proud to send our opinions and ideas to stole all of it, just for plagaystation 4 exclusive.

      // lol for thinking any other company will make another soccer game.