Hi to the PES Community:

As all the PES users know, a new Scoreboards generation is born, and a lot of Scoreboards Makers had released a lot of new Scoreboards, more reals,more authentic…after the uniforms Scoreboards that was in PES 2015… Most of us are graphics editors, only graphics editors, that put our name in the credits and authorship in the Scoreboards post…. But perhaps we forgett sometimes the authentic architects of this revolution… They are the HEX files researchers… Without his work, nothing of this would be possible… They make a huge and dark work, without great posts full of colour and attractive pictures of the Scoreboards in game…. Only a few posts in “black and white” in a few forums giving and sharing Hex info,essential for the edition… I think it’s time of give them the importance that they truly deserve for his “ESSENTIAL” work.Of course all that is dedicated to the PÊS edition know them, but a large majority of the people that download these Scoreboard don´t do it    … This people, masters reallly, like TXAK , IRVANLANA and LJQ12697, had made possible this New Generation … To all them … THANKS SO MUCH¡¡¡..you guys are THE BEST¡¡…I hope you keep on your Amazing investigation work and share it with us,the graphics editors, to try to improve every day these new Scoreboards that  like so much to everybody.. THANK SO MUCH, AGAIN¡¡¡…and my eternal  and sincere gratitude… Best regards


  1. Absolutely bro we should give them Real Creadits those who work so hard without being mentioned or named! Without them and other files makers we can’t have such great patches for the PES game ! So me too i want to thank them so much and i hope they will keep doing their amazing work, because this PES game unites us even from very different countries :)

  2. Well… we should is fight agaist konami about our poor port instead. We already know modding make the things happen, but it will never give us hope to be the same as Playstation 4 version. Thanks to all Involved on the patches.