[PC/XBOX/PS3] Team Editor Manager 2016 beta 1.9.0ADD NATIONAL

Download Team Editor Manager 2016 1.9.0 Preview Team Editor Manager beta 1.9.0

Supported platforms: PC/PS3/XBOX

DLC: 1.0/2.0

Version 1.9.0 General Features:

Edit the file .bin:
– CompetitionEntry.bin
– Player.bin
– PlayerAssignement.bin
– Team.bin
– Boots.bin
– Stadium.bin
– Ball.bin
– Country.bin
– Boots.bin
– Coach.bin

– Reading of all country in the files
– ID Preview
– Continent Preview

– Reading of all teams in the files
– Type of team
– Emblem/Flag preview
– ID team/nationl
– Team name
– Short name
– Home stadium
– Country
– License team
– Search team on PSD
– Remove fake teams names
– Add new team
– Add new national
– Formation preview
– Captain, penalty kick taker, long foul taker, left corner kick taker, short foul taker, right corner kick taker
– Auto-create logos teams
– Export team list as .txt, .ini, .csv
– Export emblem/flag as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
– Import team list as .txt, .ini

– Reading of all teams in competitions in the files

– Reading of all coaches in the files
– Coach preview
– Coach ID
– Coach name
– License coach
– Coach nationality
– Export coach list as .txt, .ini, .csv
– Export image as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico

– Reading of all players in the files
– Player preview
– ID player
– Player name
– Shirt name
– Nationality
– Height
– Weight
– Positions
– Stats
– Players skills
– COM playing styles
– Player’s motions
– Adjust Abilities
– Export player list as .txt, .ini, .csv
– Export image as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
– Import player list as .txt, .ini

– Reading of all players assignement in the files
– team and national preview

– Reading of all boots in the files
– Boot preview
– Brand preview
– ID boot
– Boot name
– Material
– Color
– Export boots list as .txt, .ini, .csv
– Export boot as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
– Import boot as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
– Import boot list as .txt, .ini

– Reading of all stadiums in the files
– Stadium preview
– ID stadium
– Stadium name
– Export stadium as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
– Import stadium as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
– Import stadium list as .txt, .ini

– Reading of all balls in the files
– Ball preview
– ID ball
– Ball name
– Export ball as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
– Import ball as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico

Extra Features
– Auto extract file
– Auto search files
– Cpk Mode (Compatible with DLC and Patch)
– Add profiles unlimited
– Add Global Settings
– unzlib/zlib file – Pes 14/15/16
– Multiconverter (console support)
– Auto delete but BACKUP edit.bin (option file)
– Auto dds convert with NvidiaCompress
– Backup files
– Utility: stadiums id, teams id, players id

– Check for updates
– Special characters
– Uppercase letter and lowercase letter
– Filter List players/teams/stadiums/boots/balls by ascending order, DB file
– Support forum: english – lagun-2.blogspot.it, evo-web

Other Changes
– New design
– Improve the tool
– Fix bugs
– Improved search of the players, teams, stadiums, boots, balls



– Fix bugs
– Logo Manager
– Add new player

You need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Designed and developed by lagun-2
player.bin decoding: special thanks to vadim_95 but also to Fatih Kuyucak, razor87 , smeagol75, Mustafa U.
Multiconverter by smeagol75
Unidecode characters by Rasuna
auto unzlib/zlib by sxsxsx
Tutorial 2014 by teams Razib_46
Team ID by Albiore
Players list by sxsxsx

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  1. Help me!I have an patch,when I open Team Editor Manager (with that patch folders),everything what patch contains,go deleted (in Team Editor Manager,not in game)!Please help!Sorry for my English!