Patch 2016 1.50 For PES 2016 Released 01.12.2015

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2016 1.50 Preview Pesgalaxy Patch 2016 version 1.50

– Squads, formations and lineups for all BPL, Championship, Ligue 1, Seria A, Eredivisie, Liga BBVA and 1. Bundesliga teams updated
Matchday 20.11-23.11.2015)
– Squads, formations and lineups for all Liga Adelante Teams updated
Matchday 14.11-15.11.2015)
– Missing transfers and many players in Ligue 2 and Liga Adelante added
– Missing transfers in Serie B
– Transferupdate for all other european divisions
– 403 Faces added or updated for Premier League, Championship, Eredivisie, Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante and more teams
– Many third kits added (Premier League etc.) and kit mistakes corrected
– Many other bugs corrected Patch 2016 1.50

– Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads
– All missing Champions League Teams added (BATE Borisov, Malmö FF, Shakhtar Donetsk, FC Astana, Dinamo Zagreb, ZSKA Moskva)
– 10 more teams added (SK Rapid Wien, FC Sion, Fenerbahce S.K., Besiktas J.K., FC Midtjylland, Celtic FC, PAOK, FK Krasnodar, FC Viktoria Plzen, Legia Warszawa)
– Missing transfers and many players done for Premier League, Championship, Liba BBVA, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Liga NOS
– Premier League team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Skybet Championship team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Serie B team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Brescia added to Serie B
– Sassuolo Calcio team name corrected and logo and kits added
– Liga ZON Sagres team names corrected and logos and kits added
– All fake national and classic teams corrected and kits for all fake national teams
– League and Cup logos and names corrected
– Many coaches and stadium names corrected
– Many correct Rivalries
– Correct callnames for german and english teams
– New Bootpack
– New Ballpack
– 561 new or updated faces for all leagues added. PES 2015 faces have been updated for PES 2016
– Adboards by Majuh
– DLC 1.00 included
– 1.02.01 exe included
– Online compatible
– Turf Switch incl. Fruits’, Tunizizou’s and Estarlen Silva’s turfs
– Exe Switch(switch between no steam, steam exe and yair gameplay exe)
– Faceswitch(Switch between no faces and new faces)
– Controller switch(Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS3/PS4 buttons)
– Scoreboard switcher with 14 scoreboards preinstalled (more can be added using the switch)
– Sider 2.3 by juce
– Sider options available using the switch
– DpFileList Editor via switch
– Crowd Switch (Default and River Jin’s crowds)

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Credits: See credits.txt inside download.

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    • PTE doesn´t have even half faces than PES GAlaxy have. And many other things. Anyway, is not fair to say this one or that one is better, both are great patches, and both teams put a great effort in developing and improve their patches. IMO, I prefer PES Galaxy, but that´s up to personal likes.

      We should learn to be granted to this guys for the effort they put on this season after season, so, many many thanks PES Galaxy team, PTE team and all patches developers and modders out there ;)

      • For what you want a lot of faces if 90 % of them have bad quality?

        Look at the kits too? some are just wtf….

        quantity is not the same as quality

        I prefer less, like PTE, but all with quality

        But you are right, we should respect this guys works and stop with this thing of “who`s is better”

        • 100 % agree too !!!

          PTE is other level in terms of quality, no comparison, with all the respect to the others patchmakers

    • That´s YOUR opinion sami ze, not a fact. Saying that is like “saying sami ze has no idea about patches” ;)

    • its not about the size its about the quality
      most of these patches have almost the same thing
      staduims adbords …
      in the faces true pesgalaxi aare a alot but pte faces are better and all faces are perfect
      also if you where a true footballer you find the coorect formation for small teams in bundesliga and in small team in premeer league you will find the perfection in pte and there professonal work
      anyway im not hating on pes galaxi and i preciate all patchers work

  1. Please please galaxy add a new league like mls or league Japan…..i hate to play a ML OR BCL WITH A FAKES LEAGUE OR TEAMS

  2. the image attached in with your patch features describes how inaccurate is your work it says “national teams corrected” Yet the national teams kits indicated on the image are the wrong ones , Nigeria’s Adidas kit is the old one from the year 2014 you can refer to the other patches if you want to find the latest national teams kits.

    Good luck

  3. i like PESGalaxy patches.. nice effect with nice yair’s gameplay..
    BUT… why should i download all the part [AGAIN] like v.1 ??

    Why don’t you make a small patch for little bug fix? Is it impossible?

  4. Install V1.00 all , and install v1.50 right ?

    *and I ‘ve tried to pack the stadium PTE succeed in Pesgalaxy.

  5. In the next update correct: André André (PORTO), Káká (BRAZIL), Bébé (RAYO VALECANO), Breadley (USA), New Boots – NIKE, ADIDAS and ARMOUR?

  6. >>PESGalaxy 1.00 = 2 Gb
    >>PESGalaxy 1.50 = 721 Mb
    >>No pre-integration with Estarlen Silva’s Stadium Pack

    WTF? Is this a joke? First the mistakes (Arsenal is called “London” in commentary) then you develop patches which are 50% of the size of the original file.

    No thanks!!

  7. nice work with correcting the national teams!
    anyone working on chants for pesgalaxy patch?
    also can you fix some faces in the bundesliga? goodluck guys

  8. Please erase the little ” x ” on the pitch that shows where the ball is going to fall.

    And add “Sead Kolasinac” in Bosnia pls!

  9. thank pesgalaxy.. but i have problem after install this patch, still detected pesgalaxy version 1.0 and always asking to upgrade pesgalaxy 1.50, actually already intsall version 1.50. any idea about this think. thank..

  10. When i tried to insert the dp file list with my faces from SMOKE PATCH, it says the edited data is not compatible. so we cant add faces to this path??

  11. I have PES GALAXY patch and I add what I want after … as pack stadium, kits, callnames, face players etc

    So where is the prob’ ?

    It’s a very very good patch !

  12. Hi!I just downloaded the 1.5v of galaxy patch , I installed it but when I start the switch it keeps saying that i have an update for galaxy patch(this version 1.50) and the switch indicates that I’m on the 1.00 v of galaxy patch. anyone with some advice on that?

    • The same thing I have too. Guys, can you help us? After installing PesGalaxy 1.5 the switch indicates the 1.0 version, but I’ve this version installed already. Help please!

      • hola para solucionarlo vas a pesgalaxy-config lo abris con el blog de notas y dentro de ahi donde dice [Main]
        patchVersion =1.00 cambias el cero por el numero 5 y tendria que quedarte asi [Main]
        patchVersion =1.50 cerras el blog de notas le das ok a los cambios y listo saludos

  13. It’s a translation of that guy higher and it helps me! Thanks a lot, man!))

    hello to fix you’ll pesgalaxy-config open it with blog and notes in there that says [Main]
    patchVersion = 1.00 change zero by the number 5 and so would have to stay [Main]
    patchVersion = 1.50 Cerras blog notes you hit ok and ready to change greetings

  14. after install this 1.50 version, i open switcher and say new update available version 1.50 ? why ? and can you add gameplay? i’ve found one best gameplay more like fifa, name physics fifa 16 for pes 2016 by devking. i like this patch. much better than other, i’ve try smoke patch, pte patch, they have some problem when i’m playing. thanks. keep a good work. i’m waiting for next update :)

  15. Hey guys, I appreciate your good work. But if you can, can you make save game directory only for this patch? I want to say, that I want two separate game save folders. Hope you will see mesage, keep up good work.

  16. Ahh too much crash on ML using this patch, I think I will try out PTE as someone mention, need to see what the two different..

  17. Felicitaciones por el parche muy bueno, pregunta porque chelsea sale el color amarillo en el publico y no azul hay manera de arreglarlo gracias

    Congratulations on a great patch, chelsea question because the yellow leaves in the public and there is no way to fix blue thanks

  18. 2 questions:

    – Does this solve crash problems with Man. Utd? I think L.Shaw might be the problem since when I search him on ML the game crashes. Also playing M.Utd on exhibition makes the game crash.

    – When will the new patch with 1.03 & data pack 2.0 be released?