PES 16 PTE Patch v3.0 Released 13.12.2015

Download PES 16 PTE Patch 3.0

– Added Dnipro, Red Bull Salzburg, Anderlecht, Celtic, Fenerbahçe, Besiktas, Plzen, Slovan Liberec & Crvena Zvezda – Fully licensed with correct squads, lineups, kits, faces, stats & acessories.
– LIGA BBVA Bancomer – Fully licensed with correct squads, lineups, kits, faces & stats
– Added some missing DP2 players like, S. Samper (Barcelona) or Renato Sanches (Benfica)
– Added Ascoli Picchio & Virtus Entella to Serie B
– New kits for Russia, Belgium, Olympiacos, Leverkusen and all Serie B teams
– Added 70 + New faces – Including the faces for R. Carlos, Figo, Baggio, Kahn & Inzaghi
– Fixed accessories for more than 70 players in all leagues
– Fixed the fake players names in all the fake national teams
– Fixed the fake players names for all fake Brazilian teams
– Removed all the duplicated players from the game
– Added a new ball: Voit Dynamo Apertura 15
– Fixed bugs found in the last version of the patch
– KONAMI Data Pack 2.0 & Patch 1.03 included
– Online Compatible

* If you use the extra team mod, download the “Unlock Extra Team” below and read the info before install the PTE Patch 3.0.


– 1. Bundesliga 2015-2016 Licensed
– Premier League, Championship, Liga NOS Licensed
– New teams: Bate, Malmo, Shakhtar, Dinamo Zagreb, CSKA, Astana
– Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams
– Real logos and names for all the unlicenced leagues and competitions
– Added balls, boots and sleeve bagdes
– Added photos for all licensed managers
– UEFA Champions League Structure fixed
– 12 new stadiums correctly assigned to the respective teams
– Serie B fixed
– Patch compatible with the Greek and Russian languages
– Sider included
– Patch compatible Online


– This is not a pack created by PTE so, the stadiums are not correctly linked to their respective teams.
– If you already have the stadium pack installed in the PTE Patch, you dont need to download again, just make a backup of the file “ptepatch_sta” who is inside the “download” folder of your PES 16 installation folder.

– Is not necessary have the previous versions of the patch installed
– If you find some error, please report
– Don’t use any of our work without permission.

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Bilgehan Alpaydin, Baris Yerlikaya, Killacarrillo, Shram

Special thanks to Brezinho, Ginda, everst9 & mckagan22

Big thanks to the “TEAM PES MX” and their creators, Donaldo Medina, xDark Mauri15x, Mindmaster & UBarreras for doing and helping us with the LIGA BBVA Bancomer for PTE Patch. Follow the “TEAM PES MX” quality work on their facebook page: Team PES MX Facebook

PTE Patch 2016 – mota10 – andy18cruz – Jesus Hrs – stavrello7

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    • All PTE Patch updates are AIO updates, meaning that you can safely delete the previous versions as you only need the latest AIO update – in other words, these updates are NOT incremental updates whereby you need to download and install the earlier versions of a patch/mod to download and install the latest patch.

    • In my opinion, PTE Patch is the better of the two as the mod is more complete than PESGalaxy (referee kits included) and it doesn’t mess up the team crests/logos in Master League – I went from Tuga Vicio to PTE WITHOUT issues when I started Master League, but when I tried to change from PTE to PESGalaxy, I experienced missing logos and icons in Master League.

      • Pesgalaxy uses another league structure because they plan to add the second Bundesliga as well. Normally you stick to one patch and so you don’t experience such problems.

      • Pes galaxy only has more faces, and most of them are horrible let and many players look like retards. Pte has better rosters, stadiums, and most teams have 3rd or even 4th kit,while at PES galaxy even Barcelona and Madrid have only 2 kits. Pte has also more teams like Anderletch, while PES galaxy doesn’t have them.

          The reasons are balls= 39/51 and also the stadiums= 28/41 where as the stadium and the commentary naming stadium is totally different.

          Still Pesgalaxy is the best……….

          I appreciate PTE will be better next time…..

        • More teams? Pesgalaxy added 16 new teams already with the first Version. PTE now has 15 added teams.

          Better Rosters? Pesgalaxy made every single transfer for european leagues for the first version while PTE only added a few players like Alex Telles. And there are still more than 100 transfers missing in PTE patch 3.0

  1. Amazing patch, best patch until now. I only miss more faces, and some updated faces for some players, but the rest is simply great. With more faces and MLS the patch would be the best ever.

    Thanks a lot PTE Team.

    • Depends on your likes. IMO pte is better, but you can prefer whatever you want. I dont think between pte, PES galaxy and smoke there is one better than other, they are different, that’s all. PES galaxy doesn’t have even 3rd kits for big teams like Barcelona or Madrid, while pte have even 4th for Barcelona, 4 for Valencia, and many teams has their 3rd kit. There is also a Estarlen Silva Stadiums adapted for pte. And Pte has more teams not included in PES Galaxy, like Anderletch. Pes galaxy has many things to correct yet while this version of pte is almost done, some more faces and MLS and this pte will be king.

    • dude if u want more faces, i have a suggestion…the new smoke patch have fixed the faces hence they have the best face pack. so take face packs cpk’s from there and use with pte, the game will be amazingly authentic!!!!

      • Some of smoke faces are horrible, and using their facepack with pte give errors, like players with wrong faces. Check Julian Brandt for example, dark hair and beard? Or check Calhanoglu, bald and shaved…

        It corrects Neymar, and adds lots of them, but many errors in many other players. Anyway, thanks for the tip, will try other facepacks to see if any of them fix it, or simply wait for pte or anyone to do a good facepack for pte.

    • Despite that pte is still better.Depends on your likes. IMO pte is better, but you can prefer whatever you want. I dont think between pte, PES galaxy and smoke there is one better than other, they are different, that’s all. PES galaxy doesn’t have even 3rd kits for big teams like Barcelona or Madrid, while pte have even 4th for Barcelona, 4 for Valencia, and many teams has their 3rd kit. There is also a Estarlen Silva Stadiums adapted for pte. And Pte has more teams not included in PES Galaxy, like Anderletch. Pes galaxy has many things to correct yet while this version of pte is almost done, some more faces and MLS and this pte will be king.

    • You give no reasons apart from your opinion. Why is PES galaxy better? Because it has more faces (horrible faces many of them)? Pte is more accurate with rosters, has more teams, and many more kits, PES galaxy doesn’t even have 3rd kit for Madrid and Barcelona. Pes Galaxy is a nice patch, but far from being the best one.

  2. Hello
    Installation of [PES 16] PTE 3.0 FIX PATCH is mandatory?
    What change compared to version 3.0 basis?
    Thanks for your good work

  3. I have the fix that came with the last version, d’ld new version but can’t get link to Fix to work .. what does the Fix do ?

    • PES GALAXY is the disaster, after so many patches and they still don´t have third kits for big teams (asked for people many times, so they show they don´t listen to us) while pte has even 4th kits. Xavi is still free agent in PES GALAXY, and like that many other errors. And also some of the faces, wich makes some players scary and look like retards.

      No way to compare PES GALAXY with this pte version ;)

        • YES, PES galaxy is better than pte.but only stadium 25 and nohave more kits. i add 4gb face in pesgalaxynewface and now my pes 2016 complete. i waiting kit update and more stadium

        • Lol, I am the fanboy after having given arguments about differences while your argument is “PES galaxy is better”. Go to PES galaxy thread and leave us in peace little boy. You just came here to talk bad about something which is better than what you try to advertise. If PES Galaxy were so much better you didn’t need to come here to talk bad about it, thing that you haven’t done with any other patch. But you came here because you know pte is better and has more quality to do marketing about PES Galaxy. You won’t see people who like pte doing same you do in PES galaxy thread because we don’t need too.

  4. completely shut your dirty face..respect the work of those who spend time for our pleasure without asking anything in exchange..yu’d better thank instead of creating controversy ..PTE and Galaxy are amazing…

    • Please stop making a fool..This is a serious forum when everyone gives his opinion,and the user look for information and reviews of the patches…if you get bored buy a monkey,they are very fun..regards

      • Leave him Jesus, bad patches need to do advertising at good patches threads, it’s the only way they can get some downloads. You won’t see any pte ads at other threads, simply because you don’t need it. Keep the good work guys!!!

  5. Hi Lamar:Please go to your psychoanalyst,I think you need a urgent review, and please ,for the good of all ,don´t forgett again take your medication…

  6. Hello
    Installation of PTE 3.0 FIX PATCH is mandatory?
    What change compared to version 3.0 basis?
    Thanks for your good work

  7. Just read all the complaints at pes galaxy thread, while here there is only you trying to convince people because they prefer this one hahaha

    Keep dreaming while we enjoy the best patch of the moment ;)

  8. I have a problem with this version of PTE Patch. Nearly the whole team of Turkey are Dummys, at Barca Arda Turan and Vidal a missing and there are Dummys too and some other teams have the same problem. I don´t know if the mistake is in the PTE Patch 3.0 or in the fix.exe of this patch from the extra download. The version before (PTE Patch 2.0) didn´t had this problem

    • If you have dummys it can be because you continued a save from before you installed the patch. It happens with most patches if you continue an old save game with a new patch. Hope it helps.

      • I solved this problem. It was because of another patch for better graphic. One from donyavia but not the cpk file, it was the patch you can copy in the PES 2016 game folder. But in PTE Patch 3.0 there are still Missing some player for example Arda Turan and Vidal at Barca. The version before the two players were at Barcaelona.

    • Yes ..without problems, but the new teams not appair in your ML, because the ML not update with the new Patch..Regards

      • Thank you for your prompt response. Also, can I use any other bootpack with this patch without disturbing the boot allocation to players? Because this patch does not have updated boots i.e Nike chrome boots etc.

          • I uses WENS HD Bootpack and now most players are using the wrong boots :(
            I don’t want to reallocate them manually.
            Is there any bootpack that will not ditsurb the boot allocation by PTE?

  9. Thanks pte for best patch, also estarlen silva adpated for pte, logos for pte, scoreboards and much more. Amazing patch and amazing work guys!!!


  10. Incredible!!!

    Finally I can start a ML with Anderlecth and many more european teams, with great kits and estarlen stadiums adapted plus scoreboards, etc

    Thank you guys. Totally recomended.

  11. Finally, after trying smoke and pes galaxy I decided to give a try to pte. Best patch of all them so far. Many extras available at pte blog, and nice support form their staff.

    Great job, thanks

  12. I Cant download it say

    “Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.”

    Please post another links MEGA

  13. To everyone who’s complainin’ bout Turan n Vidal, it’s because they aren’t in da Barca team yet. Only in January, thank u!!! PTE is the best there is :) !!!

  14. Bundesliga total fake player and team. Other Europe Team Brescia??? National teams fake players….. Ojjojoj… ajjajjaj…. Patch full bugs and mistake

    • Maybe you installed it uncorrectly or didn’t delete save folder content before installing. Delete everything inside download folder in PES instalation folder and everything inside save folder inside Konami at documents. Then install the patch. Bundesliga is correct for me at least. Hope it helps.

    • HI: apply offline mode in PTEPatch.exe, configuration tool of the patch, and please before give a opinion read the installation instructions, we put them in the patch for that…regards.

    • Obviously some cpk harm the patch and the game..put the cpk´s one by you´ll can to know what it is..regards..

  15. the patch is awesome, but please add some of africas best teams like al ahly,zamalek,merrikh and es setif, i will be glad if you added them, and please correct h.m.son face

  16. why English teams not called by English commentator like other commentators do….japanese ,italy and france work best anyone help me out

    • Because there aren’t any callnames for clubs in the game. Only for cities. So Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea & Co. only would be called ‘Lodnon’

  17. hey sir when i try to extrack the 1 part it says checksum eror in pes 2016 patch 3.0 corupt and pachet data corupt i dont know what

  18. please correct these faces (h.m.son,bogdan,joe gomez,joe allen,joe hart,shane long,christen eriksen,keylor navas,luka modric,jese,nacho,carvajal,isco,bale,arbeloa,m.dahoud,fabian johnson,lars stindl,thorgan hazard,lord bendtner,dzyuba)

  19. I like this patch
    Hopefully, this update can make it my pes be better. Because, the last previous update, there are still a lot of bugs, especially the ‘saved the data corrupted. Thank you

  20. Sweet FX in My PC not working..!! in PTE Selector, if click Sweet Fx > Save > …
    show message : Unhandled exception has…close immediately. Could not complete operation on some files and directories. see……..details.

    Please help me to fix sweet FX ….

  21. Hola liga mx me aparece irlanda en 3 equipos cuando debe ser atlas morelia y tigres UANL alguien tiene ese error? .plz fix it
    regards and happy new year for all ;)

  22. Plz.Help.Your Patch is not working on my pc.When i start the game.The game says your data cant load because your data is out of new update..I cant find any solution..

  23. i have successfully installed PTE patch 3.0 few hours ago…
    but after double clicking on the pes2016.exe…
    nothings happening..
    n showing nothing…
    what might be d problem is..
    plz someone help me…

  24. i can’t open pte patch, the PTE patch. problem say from microsoft .net framework, configuration system failed to intialize.
    and if i click pes2016 showing nothing

    pls help me

  25. i have install the patch , anytime i tried to play the game it say (save data corrupted) and that makes the patch not to function