PES 2016 PS3 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [release 06/12/15]

Here I release [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod [MOD BLUS31564 / iMARS / BLESXXXXX] [BDH] By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven


Forum Thread: Here.

Password: BlueDiskHaven


Only For Custom Firmware or With ODE (Optical Disc Drive)

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as long as you dont change my links and keep the credits to me faith genesis raven from bluediskhaven because that can help to get the views up



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  1. I’ve installed everyithing, just like you describe, but when i try to load a game i need to do that multiple times because game wont start, it’s showing black screen. But when ps3 starts game, everything works until to the point when i press kick off (start match), then game freezes and i have to restart my ps3. I’ve done this multiple times and i wasn’t even able to play a single match. PLEASE HELP!

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  2. I have some problem…before kick off or in the gameplay sometime its a freezing..and must be restart my ps3..i hope u can fix this…thanks before BDH :)

  3. There is no problem with the mod make sure you have all the latest files and have everything set up properly, I’ve played many matches and 0 freezes
    also there’s many users and only a very small fraction of people saying that they have issues

    also have mentioned before a few times but if you used the really old version of my mod back when i had the dt files in the backup you need to replace them with original files when i have on the other file page

    if you still have issues just start from scratch delete the whole mod then re-install it

  4. Can u try once again ? Madrid vs barca,in estadio olimpico de tokyo(night,winter,rainy,normal,wet)exhibition match

    because just now I tried its a freezing..
    I think this happened not only to can i fix it ?
    I hope there is a solution :)

  5. I just tried couple of times under those conditions and no freezes

    Issue must be elsewhere it is strange but it is only a very little part of the userbase but of course it is still important to solve

    I would advise
    – Start from scratch delete the mod and re-install it
    – Make sure you have a clean original backup or a disc
    I have original dt 10,30,34,35,42 files you can find them in the downloads page then the link to the other files page or you can find them:
    copy them to the usrdir folder of your backup / rip

  6. I dont know why..but still freeze :(
    I have ori cpk file but still freeze…
    Madrid vs fenerbahce,stadium berlin,when the ball is out immediately jammed..
    maybe the problem is in the team madrid
    I hope u can fix it,thanks..

  7. i have downloaded the 8/12 hypermod version on a clean BLES version and it is loading forever when i choose Chelsea VS Liverpool – i hope there is a fix in steps so we can all do it :)

  8. Now I know why the game frezze whenever we play chelsea or liverpool…it’s not the team that have problem but the stadium.

    You can play liverpool or chelsea buy not in their home stadium.

    I think the stadium.cpk need to be updated to adapt with the 2nd datapack because I heard that datapack 2 feature new stadium (not sure if it maracana stadium or what) but when we use this mod, that new stadium from datapack 2 not appearing.

  9. first of all; thanks for this mod. You make this game better ( probably the best football game so far).
    but… someone wrote that , when you play: real madrid vs. barcelona on olimpic stadium Berlin ( only featured this teams and settings : night , fine.) you get a freeze.
    now. i know this is right, because i formated disk while ago, a did it all from scratch. everything is fine, except this..
    don’t get me wrong, it’s playable in different settings.
    thanks for all. cheers.

  10. i never succeeded in installing this mod until i try the AIO datapack replacement, and it works fine, but i haven’t tried certain condition that made the game freeze (as mentioned above).
    if there’s something wrong, the Bundesliga logo, it’s not the right one. is it? or it’s just me?
    but it’s good mod, the best one that i’ve tried.
    thank you.

  11. hi support bluediskskin


    if i playing match game club chealsea VS dortmund using stadium random no 28 this game can’t play just loading


  12. hi support bluediskskin


    if i playing match game club chealsea VS dortmund using stadium random no 28 this game can’t play just loading.

    i already update complete until version 1.03 datapack 2 another it ok


  13. faith genesis raven I NEED yoyr help i update all patch of hyper mod its done next the DATA PACK 2.0 how can i install it ? remeve data pack 1.0 or what ? sorry for my bad english :)

  14. Hello a question going to continue editing the pes 16 ? You are about to place new boots? You are about to add new uniforms euro or you ‘ll leave it? My regards, brother


  16. hopefully in the next patch you put the Camp Nou Bernabeu stadium amsterdam, Vicente Calderon Stadium and maracana chelsea and updated kits please