PES 2016 Player Editor v1.0.3 by Fatih Kuyucak Released 9/12/2015

Download PES2016 Player Editor v1.0.0 by Fatih Kuyucak Preview PES 2016 Player Editor


Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Special Thanks: vadim_95, smeagol75, lagun-2, razor8.

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  1. noting change i did this:
    1- open dt80_100E_win with cpk manager
    2- export with ZLIB 2592 “Player”
    3- edit players
    4- save
    5- import 2592 “player” to dt80_100E again
    6- save cpk
    Note: when i load again 2592 “player” from new dt_100E i found my work and it looks right
    but when i open the game .. it’s like i did nothing
    please help me