PES 2016 IEG Gold Patch v 2.0 Release 20.12.15

Download PES2016 IEG Gold Patch 2.0 Released

Features New Version

  • Update Selector (IEG Exclusive)
  • Add new gamplay (IEG Exclusive)
  • Includes Datapack 2.0 and Version 1.03

  • Add Full Summer transfers
  • Add Bundesliga 100%
  • Use last version of Scene players
  • European League  updated (IEG Exclusive)
  • Add new faces (IEG Exclusive)
  • Correct classic players name (IEG Exclusive)
  • Added new kits for national and Euro 16
  • Add new grass graphics (IEG Exclusive)
  • Titles & locker room (IEG Exclusive)
  • Silva stadiums pack fix with IEG Gold Patch
  • Add classic teams
  • Correct name of the Iranian national team (IEG Exclusive)
  • New scoreboard, adboard, replay logo and corner flag (IEG Exclusive)
  • New gameplay (IEG Exclusive)
  • Last online mod CRK
  • Fix Last version Problems
  • Full Licens :Premier League Sky Bet Championship Ligue 1 Ligue 2 Serie A TIM Serie B Eredivisie
  • Liga BBVA Liga Adelante Liga NOS Bundesliga AFC Champions League
  • New balls and 2016 Balls
  • New Boots
  • Update classic players Face and Name
  • Add face for Coach
  • Add and update Euro 2016 teams
  • Serie B Kits and Transfers 90%

mega mediafire

Exclusive preview

گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی

گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی

گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی

گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی

گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی گروه ویرایشگران ایرانی

How to install video

Credits & Editor

First special Thanks from PES Patch - Update, Edit, Mods and Patches team

Iranian Editors

Scoreboard : A L I R 1 1 0
Graphic Editor And Fix : Saman
Graphic Designer : AminShd

Special Thanks Manager PesEdit.Ir (( Bagheri ))

Jenkey, sxsxsx, Estarlen Silva, Yair, Tunizizou, Juce, Hosamalfars, Shieka, Tony kit maker, Bonos PES Editor,Hawke, Txak, Cronos , Kod and other editors.

Special Thanks PES Professionals team patch
Special Thanks PTE Team

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  1. Hi guys, thank you for your work! :D I just have one question: Is Bosnian squad full maked? names, logo (emblem) etc? tyvm

  2. I have already version 1.1 of your great patch, when links will be available can i just install version 2 over version 1.1?

  3. I installed but do not have this switch for me and the version that appears is not ha of which 2.0 1:03 and the problem ??

  4. Hello
    after trying v2 patch:
    – Other europeans teams: only 22 clubs
    – Face Lack Kiessling (Leverkusen), and the name is “Kiessling” not “Kiesling”
    – Change bad Logos: Virtus Entella, Ascoli (Serie B)
    – Lack kits for “Ascoli (Serie B)
    – Rename the names of leagues:
    * English League: Premier League
    * English 2nd Division: Sky Bet Championship
    * Italian League Serie A
    * 2nd Italian League Serie B
    * Portugal League: Liga NOS
    – Lack photos managers
    – Lack “Rival clubs”

  5. Your patch is good, but you need to put more faces for the bundesleague for example,and, I like to play with Japan, where is the faces of the japanese players? and the J-league? Thanks.

  6. I tried to play gamba osaka x chelsea and gamba osaka x Man Utd, and the load screen never ends. Whats going on???

  7. I have always used galaxy for former pes versions.But this time this is the best I have seen so far.Pure detailed on the pitch.

  8. when i start com vs com match i can’t pause the game with V and when a goal is scored i press V and nothing. why?

  9. salve ma la nuova pacht con il nuovo dlc la rilascerete una nuova versione di ieg gold siccome nel mio gioco l’unica pacht che gira bene e la vostra aspetto vostre notizie

  10. is Philippines included with aff or afc league? i remeber u included our team in your recent patches? please reply.. :)