PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Core v2.2 Update 15.12.15 by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch Core v2.2 by Yair

* smarter AI, they move better on the pitch and instead of moving in two direction they move freely left and right, with that change you will have more scoring chances and more variety.


Password: yairpatch

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  1. More scoring chances? With 2.1 i usually score more than 5 gols per game, i want less scoring chances and more difficulty to get to opponent’s area. Playing on superstar (last difficult level) of course

    • Same here. I play on the highest level and easily score 4-5 goals. The defense in PES is a joke. Comparing to FIFA, where AI of defense is much better. I can’t wait ’till somebody improve AI. Anyway, you’re doing great job Yair.

      • The thing is AI for PES is realistic.Defenses often make mistakes in PES even in superstar difficulty.In FIFA it is almost like cheating like suddenly the team becomes too strong for a short period.Everything in FIFA AI feels scripted.While in PES much more realistic and fun gameplay!

    • matches difficulty differ from one to another and for competissions too .. like master league matches there are more difficult especially when u play against strong teams like bayern or barca .. believe i could’t even score a goal in master league champions ligue final against bayern

  2. a mi gusto el mejor parche fue el 1.6 estaba genial.
    deberian adaptar ese parche a la ultima vercion del juego 1.0.3
    o adapten ese parche a esta vercion 2.2

    to my taste the best was the 1.6 patch was great.
    should adapt this patch to the game last vercion 1.0.3
    or adapt to this vercion that patch 2.2


  4. Yair this a good gameplay patch. But you know what Along with this we also need a good defence and good Goalkeeper ability too.

    So we all are hoping for a better Defensive and Goalkeeping ability in your next patch.

    Also one more thing while playing at home it is too easy and while playing away it is too difficult as most of the moves are intercepted. Hope you can bring a change in this too.

    Thanks in Advance. :)

  5. Yair, can you do a favor and increase chances of flopping to work? It is a big part of real game, but konami made it so it never works. It should work about 25% of the time if there is contact with defender.

  6. “The Application was unable .. (0xc0000142) …”
    How do i fix this?

    copied the .exe to PES this error
    renamed the .exe to PES2016.exe as suggested on previous version, still got the same error, god, how to run this, thought it would install something or so, didnt expect no instructions and this error all the time, can anyone help? thanks

  7. Yair make usually good job, but this patch is not good.

    Defence and gk really bad. Rival Defence players are run away my players.

    gk is very foolish.

    this gameplay is very easy. Please make more more difficult gameplay patch.

    you make “like 2015 gameplay”, maybe is good.

  8. Well got it working now finally, but even when I start “coregameplaypatch2.2exe”
    the game looks the same to me, like there is no difference..I would say I can start it but it changes nothing, I dont know.

  9. I think BAL mode is very unrealistic. My team is always bad, doesn’t really matter if i am playing in Bournemouth or in Barcelona. My team’s defence is always terrible and we make very few goals. Does this patch help?

    • Try to play hard my friend.i play hannover and my character is 89.i can score 5 goals in a match sometimes too non. Won the goal king in my last season came 3rd.won europa too. Is all about playing hard. Get back to help the defenders and instruct your players to apply more pressure.

  10. master yair may u please make a patch for hard play. good goalkeepers good defence and difficult to score goals for both ai and cpu pls. dis pes 16 is annoying with easy goals nd foolish keepers . pls man we need that nw . thanks

  11. i checked out a gameplay patch made by pesntein cos i heard ppl say he copies from bt dt v5 patch of his is d best gameplay patch so far. check it out ul enjoy d game keepers r much more active nw players make a lot of interceptions nd it d game looks more real nw. yair ul have to step up to outdo dt guy dt dey say he copies yo work. step up man he is taking over pesntein

  12. try to install , missing this DLL d’ld said DLL and then I get missing some steam file ? I can’t see why I have the offical game and its via steam.

  13. Played with this yesterday and it is incredible!! The game feels faster and more alive!! I’ve never hit the cross bar as many times in one game, I don’t know if that’s due to this but I love it

  14. @yairpatch how do you score free kicks with this patch ? I cannot score from freekicks , the power is either too much and the ball goes over the bar or not enough and it lands on the wall … If i shoot from the other side the keeper saves it … Around the wall doesnt work either …

  15. Am surprised how people are saying pes16 is easy in super star,i guess u havent tried lower teams against better teams like napoli vs psg,u can hardly have a nice gave, my problem is that my players cant react to the ball,dont know why the cpu always gets the ball,nd again i always concede in master league especially lower teams

    • i play master league with weak team (2 stars only) and i win any team superstar
      there is lot of mistakes in pes 2016 read my post in the forum .

      • can u pls tell me ur formation nd tactics cause mine is a different case, i concede alot in master league nd i play superstar cause even top player is easy

        • 3-5-2 with 1 mdf, 1 rmf and 1 lmf, 1 cmf and 1 amf, 1 cf and 1 ss
          -runing wings to the corner flag then return then run // to the box the defender will never disturb you..then shot it soft
          -short corner kick then return and do the same..

          • Thanks a bit easier for me now with ur formation, i concede less goals now,yes i also score from kickoff sometimes too

          • What are these simple moves you talking of man.that is impossible when playing super star. And don’t think am not a pro player that’s why am taking like this. I play bal on super star. My player is at 89 and I play hannover. Won europa last season and was third in the league. You won’t believe what i had to do to achieve that. I used this patch and shots that GK would dive to parry he just stand and parry down and catch the ball without a flinch. I think he should make the game more real with good response not insane GK saves which can’t happen in real life.

          • i used to play football games since 1990 in comodor and amiga 500,
            the game is so easy, i will make a video and you will see and understand what i am talking about