PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Core v2.1 Update 09.12.15 by Yair

PES 2016 Gameplay Patch v2.1 by Yair

* fix for the weird ball bug
* more degree when shooting and passing (assisted off)


Password: yairpatch

*** if you don’t like me or my work please do not spam here or anywhere else.

(just don’t download this patch)

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  1. Great job Yair.Always appreciated your works.Can you please make the goalkeepers more effective much like pes 15.I think pes 15 goalkeeper AI was better and fun to play with.Hope you fix that soon.

    *In pes 16, every game is highscoring because of goalkeepers not attempting to punch or catch the ball which is very unusual.*

  2. Hmm I think it wont work on older version of pes2016 if I not wrong?
    As I only stay at v1.8 not sure this will work on v1.21.01 data1?

  3. Great work.

    Thanks yair.

    Gameplay is very good now.

    I hope goalkeepers and defenders harder in next patches.

    Really fantastic gameplay patch.

  4. if you don’t like me or my work please do not spam here or anywhere else.

    (just don’t download this patch)
    easy as hell hahaaaa
    and you are doing a great job i can tell .. the is a huge difference between your patch and konami original gameplay
    for me i’m sattisfied
    thank you man

  5. this is my first time playing with your patch
    but i think you make a great patch
    can me download this version only or need to old version

  6. I think 2.0 is better than this ver. i dont know i just beat liverpool 8-3 with mu, on 2.0 i cant even score more than two against liverpool

  7. many comments about GK everytime yair release new patch..come on man if u let opponent or u attack to much,there no any GK can keep up n he’ll become easy to score.plis up your defence level before comment on GK

  8. Hi and thanks for your great work on this game.
    After patch 1.8,opponent team play too weak.they can’t attack good and they Defence Power is Too Bad.Defence Players Speed Is Low And They Dribled in Opponent players Turn Too Easy.(Sorry for Bad English Speaking).
    Actuarly Pes 2016 Problem isn’t Goalkeepers Skill.Defence IQ in your team and com team is Terrible Both and they Cant Tackle good and Clear the Ball On Time in Important Moments.
    Com Team Score Too Easy And Us Attack too Easy But Score Hardly Becuse Keepers Save Ball Unnormally And Defence Cant Clear and Tackle Good.
    If You Can Please Work On The Mentality Of Defences And Torn On Defence Auto Clear that remove from pes Game Option.Thank You So Much And Sorry For Weak english Speaking.

  9. more presing from com will be better.speedy players are free. goalkeeper reaction is slowly. shooting traectory not real.

  10. Great gameplay, really enjoyed it.
    Please make Gk’s more effective to save 1-on-1 and yes, please make Ref a bit more sensible on tripping and clipping fouls.