PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Core v2.0 Update 03.12.15 by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch Core v2.0 by Yair

* based on konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Update v1.03.00
* based on gameplay patch 1.8
* ball roll on the pitch slower(this mainly to slow down the gameplay speed and passing accuracy)
** still lot of work need to be done and I’m working on it.
* fixed the bug on 1.9 and includes all the changes from 1.8


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    • The keeper are bad when the ball comes close to them.

      Otherwise, i consider them fine. Its the defenders reaction speed, thats more of a problem.

      Can you do something for the defence?

  1. Thanks Yair. And the ads aren’t that bad bro, only takes like 15 seconds to get through. I’d rather have ads than no gameplay patch

  2. Yair would deserve the money i have paid for Pes2016.
    In my opinion the game should be free, and the Patches should be paid… Yair and all the guys that wor hard to produce patches and tools would be respected unconditionally.
    You Bob are just childish

  3. first thing about this patch i cant score free kick easily now..because the computer jump when i take a shot over the far i feel the gameplay is great and i still need some practice maybe ..keep fixing what need to be done on this gameplay patch yair so patch is awesome

  4. Yair dont mind these kids like bobs comments.. and seriously great work mate. And as other guy said you guys and other guys who make patches after so many hard work of days months you guys should be paid. Thanks again yair :)

  5. oh my god this game is now hard as hell. am using Barcelona and playing liverpool and in the 67th minute its still 0-0? hehehh I used to beat the A.I even 10-0 (superstar)

    • What is ridiculous is your continous complaints. Can´t other people say they find it better and more difficult? What´s the problem with that? If you are so good go and become a professional PES player, win all tournaments and matches available and leave us alone. Your complains spamming is awful mate ;)

  6. Try do it yourself and stop complaining man. You are never happy, spam Konami instead those who do something to fix what Konami did and leave us alone.

    If you don´t like how Yair do it don´t download his patches, if you are so good that game is never difficult enough go and play PES tournaments and become a professional player, but please stop spamming us with your ridiculous comments, you will never be happy and will always have something to say.

    • Suggesting the same many times in same patch (and in all previous patches, despite Yair told you some things couldn´t be changed, how do you call that? Spamming ;)

      Telling others whne they say they find the game harder and ok it is not. Who are you to judge other people likes?

      Want to give a feedback? Ok, that´s fine, but I can tell you same things as many times as you demand the same and tell other people their likes are not ok because you are better at superstar. Would you like that? I don´t think so

    • If you want gameplay like 1.5 go and play 1.5.

      You have been complaining about same things once and again, in all Yair´s patches. Despite he even told you some things could not be changed. But your feedback always include same suggestions,the ones you were told that can´t be changed. Stop being a troll.

  7. I don´t see you spamming Konamilike you do with Yair, stop spamming with your continuos complaints, and if you are so good to critic others find the game nice and difficult now go and play PES torunaments, become a professional PES players and leave us alone ;)

  8. Feedback in next version? Lol, you mean you are going to ask for THE SAME changes Yair told you can´t be done and despite that you have been asking in all versions? You call that a feedback? roflol

    • Sure grandpa, my respect to you old wise man who asks for same things once and again, my bad, trolls at that age can´t be contradicted, I should have known ;)

    • Go and play official pes tournaments, you old experienced user who is better than any level of difficulty. We hail you!!! Now go and become a profesional player, and tell Konami to fix their game and stop spamming people who put their effort in fixing what Konami don´t.

    • “I would say.. “but you keep talking about the same without end”

      Facepalm! :P”

      What´s wrong with doing to you what you do to others? :P

    • NO, I have read everything, and in ALL VERSIONS I have read you saying same, make AI better, GK and referees.

      It has been told before it´s not possible. And you keep asking same (and worst is you call it feedback).

      You don´t give feedback, you are a troll who asks for the same, and keep repeating it over and over again, like a preschool kid when wants a sweet and his parents doesn´t listen to him.

    • Somebody should give you that sweet little boy so you can calm down lol.

      And I suggest you to read all previous versions of Yair´s patches if you are so sure that the changes which can´t be done haven´t een mentioned before.

      I´ve been following Yair´s work before you, before he even started posting his versions in here, when he posted them in a spanish forum and you needed to install them. So believe me, I know what I´m talking about.

      All what you have been doing is asking for the same thing, many times in all his versions, (like a little boy who wants his mom to buy a sweet and his mom doesn´t buy it) and if you don´t think so I´ll take my time to quote all times you haveasked for the same in all versions, and we can see how many times you have asked for the same ;)

    • Lol, sure, now I understand things because I´m such an idiot I can´t understand them by myself. Roflol

      You are taking many things as true facts, like everybody wants same than you and that you talk by others. Let me tell you something, each person has his own personality, likes and dislikes, and before trying to teach others you should learn to respect others opinions if you want yours to be respected.

    • Replying to yourself using other names? lol

      Go to the doctor and ask for it to be looked, you have serious troubles hahahaha

      Even using Yairs name hahaha What a retard :D

    • Three comments to say the same, where you trying to post same with all your different names and you forgot to change it? Lol, the preschool kid who said he is not a Spammer hahaha

  9. Zunger i just see your posts with user. If i was in your position i was not goin to answer him.

    • Just stop talking to yourself using your multiple names (or imaginary friends, call them how you want) and go to play that Fifa you name so much as it seems you know it pretty good lol

  10. Thank you yair, your work is brilliant. i have a few request for your next patch. If you can make the ‘derby’ matches in master league a little similar to normal matches in difficulty, and make corner kick takers return to onside position a little faster.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work

  11. when i say is good patch i dont mean is perfect but if you fix referees and stamina i dont want something else am con a be happy with this

  12. I get this message when I try to install it; “The program can’t start because sdkencryptedappticket.dll is missing from your computer.” What should I do?

  13. Buen dia yair, me interesa mucho su trabajo y quisiera ayudarlo. Soy amante de el futbol real como el virtual y quiero mejorar PES 2016 con lo poco que se de este deporte. Si es tan amable de explicarme con que herramientas trabaja para desarrollar los parche de jugabilidad estare muy agradecido con usted. Gracias por el tiempo

    PD Mi ingles es malo y use google traslate para contactarlo

  14. Yair Good day, I am very interested in your work and wanted to help. I’m loving the real football as the virtual and want to improve PES 2016 with the little that sport. If you kindly explain that tools work to develop the patch of gameplay I will be very grateful to you. Thanks for the time

    PS My English is bad and use google traslate to contact

  15. Woww Zunger i mean how can you support Yair and fill his patch pages that he uses for FEEDBACK ONLY !! with shit, fighting and arguing with others ? this only shows all your ages boys. Now please leave these pages for feedback only, i review these pages once a week and i dont expect to be scrolling for 1 hour down yairs page to try and read good and bad feedback only to find arguing i,m 37 years old with a wife and son aged 12 and i think my son is more sensible, just dont reply to others arguments. Now to Yair i believe gameplay is fine all other aspects are fine i believe fine tuning goalkeepers reactions is to be the main focus os future patches if that means playing with the ball speed as you say Yair then please do so as i believe goalkeepers are the main game MAKER OR BRAKER for any football game.Many thanks

  16. This version better and harder then v 2.1,

    This is really good…

    But sometimes the ball keeps moving weird in this version.

    İf p1 shoot the p2 the ball bounced off the hands of keeper and go to up.

    this bug fixed 2.1 but v 2.1 is easy than 2.0.

    please make harder gameplay, and fix bug in next version.

    Defence and keepers be harder than previous play.

    We are believe yair, you can do it.

    you are the best gameplay patch maker.