PES 2016 Edit Crypter v1.2 Released 19.12.2015

PES 2016 Edit Crypter v1.2

Application info:
• Use this application to decrypt/encrypt your option file(s) by simply drag and dropping them.

• Fixed bug on never ending decrypt/encrypt process. (It shows that the file is being processed, but the process never ends)
• Faster performance on both functions. Works better in low-end PC.
• Improve memory usage and more stable.

mega uploaded

DO NOT run as admin as it will disable both function. (Original bug from Windows since Windows Vista)
DOES NOT compatible with option file that generated by another tool.
• The Decrypted/Encrypted file(s) are located in the same folder as your original file.

• Works based on tunabrain4cc.

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    • Why the Proces never ending? when i want to decrypt my BL file, that’s just any some text please wait.. -_- i waiting until 10 minutes and nothing happen i’m still waiting until now already 20 minutes.

  1. Try to put this tool under your “C:\” drive, you can put it on desktop, myDocuments or anywhere that located in drive “C:\”. And see if it is working or not.

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