PES 2016 Data Pack 2 and Patch 1.03 Official Released December 3, 2015


Includes: PES2016 PC Update 1.03 + Data Pack 2 For PC.

It’s PES 2016 update day! 51 new player faces, roster updates, the Maracana stadium and the latest kits are now all available for you to enjoy, making the best football game of the year even better!

Kevin de Bruyne, Fernando Torres, Jamie Vardy, Aleksander Mitrovic and Julian Draxler are all among the 51 players receiving new Player IDs.

Users can now also take to the pitch of the iconic Maracana stadium, with its own special intro cut scene! The new international kits for Germany, Italy and Spain have also been implemented.

Another addition this latest update brings is a myClub friendly lobby mode. This will allow myClub users to play against their friends without using any player contracts up in the process. A perfect way to prove you’ve got the best team out of all your mates!

Finally, you may have seen the launch of a “Legends” teaser trailer today, in which it is revealed Roberto Baggio is coming to PES! Watch it below.

You can get all the details on the contents of the new update in the official Press Release below.


Free update coming early December adds new licensed kits, world famous Maracana stadium and even more faces

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. is pleased to announce today that company remains committed to continually evolve the rosters, add more content and provide new visual elements to the latest addition to the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, PES 2016. Central to the free download is the addition of the recent reveal of the new international kits for Germany, Italy and Spain, which will be made available on December 3.

PES 2016 is world renowned for its stunning recreations of players, with its Team and Player ID systems ensuring its teams and stars both resemble and mimic their real life counterparts. Data Pack #2 adds 51 new likenesses to the player rosters, including Fernando Torres, Kevin de Bruyne, Julian Draxler, Jamie Vardy and Aleksander Mitrovic. Further players will be added in the coming updates. Along with faces, the rosters will be updated for all offline modes, correcting those missing in the previous Data Pack and covering all moves made until October 19th.

For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users, KONAMI have perfectly recreated the legendary Brazilian Estadio do Maracana venue, and for the first time in the series comes with a unique pre-match intro sequence showing the exterior and surrounding city and passionate fans lighting fireworks and flares.

Eight new boot styles will also be added to the game, including the latest designs from Joma, Mizuno, and Puma. The new Nike Ordem CSF and Ordem2 balls designs have also be perfectly replicated for use within the game. Other improvements include new entrance sequences for Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana matches,

Further updates for PES 2016 are planned and details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Source Konami Blog.

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  1. I’ve downloaded the patch and data pack, copied in right folders but error 0x0000142.

    I’ve tried with 3DM crack, but it’s the same thing.

    Help please?


  2. how to use with [PC] DpFileList Generator v1.6

    “I got the tool running for DLC 2.0 by adding this to the DlcDb.csv in the next free row (under #2), opened with normal editor.

    3;DLC v2.0;dt80_200E_win.cpk;64;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;64;0;0;0;D 8;27;0;0”

  3. So, guys i tried a few ways to connect to the server but it says that there is A PROBLEM WITH CONNECTION, this means that we no longer can play without buy the game.IF I`m not right ,i`ll wait someone who can prove that he connected to the server with some crack

  4. One question to ask if I update the patch 1.03 . Do I need to start a new master league to experience the new game play or just continue the existing one?

  5. what to do for kits?? its all gone nd if i patch previous pesboxanatolia.. it force closes.. help will be appreciated.. thnx!!

  6. I am using the PTE patch. After I install this 1.03 patch the squad list is reverted back. The league names are also changed back. Can anyone help me?


      • what is that you mean konami cheat us and release this patch for just stop playing online with out buy the game

        • That´s exactly how it should be with everything, if you play it means you like it, if you like it, buy it. People complaining about an unfinished game, or bad game, but then asking for cracks to play it and to play it online FOR FREE. You pretend a game company to put an effort in something and not to pay for it. Do you guys work for free? Just funny as hell.

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  9. Tengo instalado el pesgalaxy 1.50, si instalo el data pack 2.0 y el crack 1.03, tengo que desinstalar previamente el parche pes galaxy?, gracias

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  11. after downloading and get the files copied to the right location, when I try to play, it says “the application was unable to start correctly”, please help

  12. Lads, finally I got it. If you have the error 0xc0000142, then you MUST aplly the reloaded crack. Since I cannot post the crack, just go to google updates and download. (In this case only the crack.) Hope this helps.

  13. the procedure entry point steamcontroller could not be located in the dynamic llink library steam_api.dll>>> any solution even though my antivirus is off.

  14. After installing latest patchreleased 3rd dec 2015 on xbox one, I can no longer have a guest to play either together or against each other…help please anyone.thanks

  15. it doesn’t actually need that much,just needs a little thinking ,I just installed yesternight,this is what you’ll do,first,figure out the version of the pes 2016 game on ur PC,thereafter,open the update folder already extracted,copy all files in it,then open ur pes 2016 folder location,delete your Pte folder,delete all downloaded files in the download section of the pes 2016 folder,then, paste the three files u copied in there,the copy your crack 1.0.3 files and go back into pes 2016 location and just paste it there

  16. the thing is,for my pes 2016 I had the first version which is,I think 1.01.1, after copying and pasting the crack 1.0.3,I opened the game and I saw 1.02.1,which I think is the second version,then I close the game and download I think the patch update for crack 1.0.3 and extracted it and copied it into pes 2016 folder location,then open the pes 2016 exe u find in it,it already has administrative privilege,after opening,u get a pop up,click run anyway and voilla!