Julian Cames DLC PES 2016 v1.3 

Download Julian Cames DLC For PES 2016 version 1.3

Konami Datapack 1.0.
– Konami Datapack 2.0.
JulianCamesDLC 1.0
JulianCamesDLC 1.2

* FULL Transfer, squads, players for: Bundesliga, Liga Águila, Torneo Águila.
* Add 7 new stadiums:
– Camp Nou by TXAK
– Santiago Bernabeu by TXAK
– El campin Bogotá (Millos) by Crismurilloga
– Nemesio Camacho Bogotá (StaFe) by Crismurilloga
– Atanasio Girardot by Crismurilloga
– Metropolitano Barranquilla by Crismurilloga
– Palogrande Manizales by Crismurilloga


How to install #JulianCamesDLC V1.3:

1. If you have a EditFile, you must delete it.
From MyDocuments: “\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save”
2. Go to your download steam folder:
– Delete all DpFileList* bin files (DpFileList.bin, DpFileList_MTCHMK.bin, DpFileList_EDITMODE.bin, etc.)
3. Delete the cpk file JulianCamesPatchs_MTCHMK.cpk.
4. In your download steam folder, copy the following files:
– JulianCamesPatchs_03.cpk
– JulianCamesPatchs_MTCHMK.cpk
– DpFileList_MTCHMK.bin
– DpFileList.bin

NOTE: you can change modes with the same: JulianCamesDLC Switcher V.1.2
Your download folder should look like this:


Cómo instalar #JulianCamesDLC V1.3:

1. Si ya tienes un EditFile, debes eliminarlo.
Desde MisDocumentos: “\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save”
2. Ir a tu carpeta download de steam:
– Eliminar todos los archivos DpFileList* bin (DpFileList.bin, DpFileList_MTCHMK.bin, DpFileList_EDITMODE.bin, etc.)
3. Eliminar el archivo JulianCamesPatchs_MTCHMK.cpk si existe.
4. En tu carpeta download de steam pegar los siguientes archivos:
– JulianCamesPatchs_03.cpk
– JulianCamesPatchs_MTCHMK.cpk
– DpFileList_MTCHMK.bin
– DpFileList.bin

NOTA: Puedes cambiar entre los modos con JulianCamesDLC Switcher V.1.2

Tu carpeta download de steam debería vers.

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by Julian Cames

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