Patch 2016 v0.4 For PES 2016 PC Released 12.11.2015

Download VirtuaRED Patch 2016 v0.4


– Patch totally adapted to the Konami’s DLC 1.0 launched the last 29/10/2015..
– Database totally compatible with the Konami’s DCL 1.0. Also there is a new alternative Database compatible with the Online mode
– Added more than 100 faces for new players. Some faces have been updated as well.
– Fixed stadiums La Rosaleda and Power 8 Stadium.
– Added adboards for Olympique Marseille and Galatasaray. Updated the Arsenal adboards.
– Added TV logo (BeIn Sports) in UEFA Europa League scoreboard
– Logos HD for the new teams in the Konami’s DLC.
– Added kits for 100% Serie B. Added kits for Real Madrid, Milan, Juventus and Chile.
– Updated the Serie B sleeve badge.
– Brescia Calcio linked from Others Europe to Serie B (Konami bug).


Installation of the patch with a comfortable and easy desktop app, from which you can access to all the download links quickly and clearly. All the instructions are included as well, please follow them strictly.


[Image: BASE_1.png][Image: BASE_2.png][Image: BASE_3.png][Image: BASE_4.png][Image: BASE_5.png][Image: BASE_6.png][Image: BASE_7.png][Image: BASE_8.jpg]


Special thanks:
– Very thanks to the VRED Team members: Txak, Cronos, Juaniyo, Secun1972, Meryoju, Tote_Alkor, Gnen, Tibinator, and Tizziano. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn’t be possible.
– Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, W!ld@, or Razib_46. Their tools make us easier the edition task.

– Teams renamed by Txak.
– Competitions renamed by Txak.
– Home stadiums linked to respective teams by Cronos.
– Adboards linked to competitions/teams/national teams by Cronos.
– Database adapted to Konami’s DLC 1.0 by Txak.

Option File:
– Sleeves badges and balls linked to respective competitions by Cronos.
– Option File adapted to Konami’s DLC 1.0 by Cronos.
– Option File Online version by Cronos.

– Faces compiled and tested by Gnen.
– Faces and hairs by Abbasstark, Abdallah Tamer, Alex7, Allan Souza, Amir27, Amir.Hsn7, Andrews, Andri_Dexter11, Aznar87, Beats, Bono10, brilyan, Carzg, CgM2k7, Cleiton Silva, Dantezalazar, Dexter, DzGeNiO, Elemander, Elmodamer2010, Emre0796, Emre Kaya, Euler, Everest9, Fabler, Fampei, Fampei89, Fede, Footballmania, Gemy87, Gleidson, Godra94, Grkm, Hawke, HD3011, Hosam, JokernatioN, Kairzhanov, Kingsley, Kpt1, Kukus, Lincoln, love01010100, Luisimo666, Mario, MarioMilan, Markn, Mauro, Maxi534, Mayo, Maze32, Memer, Milagro, MinchoSheen, Mizar710, Mystiq, Oleh, PantelG7, Phenom, Phenomenon, Prince Shieka, Rahul, Rednik, Reus11, Sameh Momen, SantanAji, Savio, Saviogoncalves1995, Sekiz, Shaft, Shaggy, Shamrik_gunners, Shemrik, Sokratis, Sotirakis, spirit, Spiritusanto, Steet, Stev King, Straone, Tunizizou, UserDJ, Yasin02, Vangelis, Znovik_S.

– Kits compiled and tested by Juaniyo, Cronos, Tote Alkor, Tibinator.
– Kits by Aemza-Kun, AgamSF, aLe, Amir27, Astracell, Buffon 99, Cofi_Delija, Cronos, Emre Aydin, Gerlamp, Jappyjoker, Juaniyo, Klashman69, Kolia V, marckldu, NemanjaBRE, PESEdit, Santy_Argentina, Tikkio, Tote_Alkor, Txak, vadim_95, VirtuaRED TEAM.
– Referee kits by Cronos, with the supporting of Tunizizou.
– Sleeves badges by Cronos.

– Unlock 24 gloves by Boonaun.

– Unlock 100 boots by PolarisNine.
– Bootpack by WENS.
– Special thanks to Konami, Boonaun, Sxsxsx, Tunizizou, Alphatext ,19tha, Qinchao, Abu Ubaidah-

– All balls compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Balls by Cronos, Danyy77, Elemen , Ppaaggpp, SG.

– Team/nations/competitions logos by Cronos and PESLogos, added by Cronos.
– Color fans in the stands by Viettuanhp95.
– Scoreboard TV logos by Txak.
– Minor graphic modifications by Secun1972 and FranJavi.
– PS3/PS4/XBOX360 buttons and GamePad by A20Group.
– Canal+ HD Replay file usm by 67058040, adapted by Secun1972.
– HD Nets by InMortal.
– Better supporters and rain effect by Fruits.
– Offside line by Gabe.paul.logan.

– Adboards compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Adboards by Cronos, everest9, G-Style, Ganugunners, Hang u, Hicksville, Majuh, Mephobia, Randerscheinung, supalids, Txak, UllaMaron, Zikint..
– Stadiums compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Stadiums by Boonaun, Konami, Tizziano, Txak, Vangheljs, Yucel11.
– Stadium previews by Meryoju.
– New turf textures by Fruits.

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  1. Your patch is really good but when I start a match, my game crashes. Im sure that I did everything right :) . Thanks…

  2. Already fixed arsenal home kit as promised by Cronos?
    I recommend VRED use klashman69 one from his website
    It has better color and looks tight as it should

  3. Hey Bro, why I can not change/edit Home Stadiums by many Teams also many of Spanish which have Stadiums there?For example,Celta Vigo has Anoeta blocked to change change,La Coruna Borussia Park blocked to change,Espahnol Power8Stadium?blocked to change,Las Palmas Bernabeu Stadium blocked to change,Malaga Power8Stadium blocked to change,Real Madrid Emirates Stadium blocked to change,Real Sociedad Anoeta blocked to change,Gijon La Rosaleda blocked to change,Valencia Emirates Stadium blocked to change,Porto Emirates blocked to change.Where is German Bundesliga?Your patch is good but also shit sorry!

    • Be respect,and if you don’t like the patch not to donwload it. It is very easy to comment but why don’t you make a patch or you do something? It is very easy just to download, play and disrespect to us.

  4. Who has made a patch for 1.0 Update and with German League and Stadiums linked to the teams? Fake Teams is terrible, please people made from fake teams real teams because when I play EL or CL there are fake Teams in the group but I can not change it.

  5. Hola al descargar el archivo por mega me lo bloquea Chrome porque dice que puede ser malicioso, y no lo puedo abrir, porque me ocurre eso?
    Llevo siguiendo virtuared desde pes 15 para mi sois los mejores, muchas gracias!

  6. HOLA
    Tengo un problema
    al intentar jugar en liga master no me deja jugar los partidos sale en blanco la pantalla y se cierra igual al intentar crear otra liga master no deja iniciar alguna solucion

  7. All people have the problem with the game crash trying play a Master League, be sure you put the EDIT and the folder download with files of offline mode first, online mode doesn’t work for Master League.

  8. I see how hard to do these patches specially kits and real lineup’s great work guys I respect your work thanks for sharing it :D

  9. Super amazing graphics , kits are looking fantastic thank you guys for adding the very latest kits for asian and african teams , the ball detail of graphic is so realistic , the crowd smooth edges take the game to another level … Konami has a lot to learn from this patch!!!

    Note: some other patch makers have ruined the players original faces ‘though they are looking realistic already such as Gotze and other players so it’s better to keep the default faces of the licensed players without having changed them.

    Thank you for the nice patch!

  10. estoy esperando ke lanceis el update con la liga alemana, sois los mejores!! Por cierto, Bazoer sale con el pelo muuuuuy raro, jugando sale de color magenta/morado, cuando instalo 3dm crack, me da problemas de resolucion, los partidos se ven trabados, he probado a configurar la video card, instalado mil fixes, instalar y desinstalar, con antivirus y sin él, administrador….se rompe mi resolucion, una pena…desconozco si a alguien mas le pasa lo mismo, me da demasiados problemas, a ver si va mejor la proxima, seguid asi! :)