PES 2016 Scoreboards All In One (With & Without Replay Logo) by Jesus Hrs

Download PES2016 Scoreboards All In One by Jesus Hrs


More info and credits in the download link…

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  1. thanks a lot jesus dont worry we will not doloawd any body steal from you
    you with etsralen silva a nd fruits the best patchers for me the rest stealing from you but the fans know hope you work on a ptch with estralen silva toghether

    • Thanks friend: It´s for people like you that I make my editions…thanks from my hearth…
      In relation with the selector,PTEPatch It has built in his Patches..(and other patches also)…for that reason is not necessary another independent selector…Best regards and thanks again for your kind words… :)

  2. Jesus good work done i have waiting fir this kinda of patch,and finally its arrived. counting on you to release DPFilelist Generator compatible with windows10. thanks man

    • Thanks friend, but unfortunately I´m not programmer ,only graphics editor, but sure some of them do it soon..regards

    • Hi: put the scoreboard cpk in your Download folder in your PES folder and update your DpFileLisBin with the DpFileLIstBinGenerator tool…
      Anyway all these scoreboards are included in PTEPatch 2.0…this patch have a selector tool for that and you can choose the scoreboard before star the game easyly..regards

    • Hi: choose the CPK of the scoreboard you want and put in your Download folder in your PES folder, and update your DpFileLIst.bin..regards

  3. Pls how can i remove the replay logo i have tried to replace the bin file with the one in my download it works but it wont show the real emblem again…pls help me Jesus

  4. Hi: sorry, it´s not possible , you must add each scoreboard before start the game with PTEpatch.exe tool … It will work as default scoreboard for all leagues ,(not championships, they have their own scoreboards)…regards