PES 2016 Santiago Bernabeu Stadium by tizziano

Santiago Bernabeu stadium completely updated, new benches, banners, around the field staff, advertising in the stands, etc. Compatible with PES 2015 and PES 2016.

Download Santiago Bernabeu Stadium For PES 2016 by tizziano Preview PES2016 Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
PES 2016 Santiago Bernabeu Stadium PES 2016 Santiago Bernabeu by tizziano


I hope you enjoy it !

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  1. Tizzano please can you help me?can you give me your fecabook for a question I m goin insane.Wil not take your too long time!thansk!

  2. Hey Tizziano it is the third stadium that i’ve downloaded and and add the CPK file in my download folder and then i used Dpfile and when i open PES16 no stadiums are there except the PES16 own stadium like Konami Stadium,Estadio etc.Please tell me how to add stadiums…..Thanks

  3. The stadium has Id st019, I think that replaces a small stadium I think English. When you generate the DpFileList.bin you must put my stadium after the pack. But as the pack Estarlen Silva already has my Bernabeu (version 2014/15) get two Bernabeu stadiums

  4. hey ma brothar how are u doing ? any way i appreciate ure work u are the best please upload more Epl stadiums like white hart lane ….etc and thx

  5. heeeeey brother god bless you thank you for this work i hope you can make stadium pack with only Santiago Bernabeu Camp Nou Emirates Stadium Etihad Stadium Standford Bridge Anfield Road plzzzzzzzz =D

  6. Hi thanks for your great job, I just want to ask 2 questions
    1. Can you relink stadium commentary name? because when I convert sound file there is Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou and many more..

    2. How to make Home ground/stadium for representative team as default?

    thank you