PES 2016 MoNo Option File v0.5 For PS4

Download PES2016 MoNo Option File v0.5 For PS4 Screen PES 2016 MoNo Option File 0.5 PS4 Version



1. Barclays Primier League Teams.
2. Sassuolo (From Serie A)


1. Barclays Primier League Teams (Except for Arsenal and a few more).
2. Sassuolo (From Serie A)


01. Algeria
02. Saudi Arabia
03. Argentina

04. Australia
05. Austria
06. Belgium
07. Cameroon
08. Chile
09. China
10. Colombia
11. South Korea
12. Ivory Coast
13. Costa Rica
14. Croatia
15. Denmark
16. Ecuador
17. Egypt
18. UAE
19. European Classics
20. Wales
21. Ghana
22. Japan
23. Jordan
24. Greece
25. England
26. Iran
27. Iraq
28. Israel
29. Jamaica
30. Kuwait
31. Morocco
32. Mexico
33. Nigeria
34. Norway
35. Oman
36. Paraguay
37. Peru
38. Poland
39. Portugal
40. Qatar
41. Czech Republic
42. Ireland
43. Russia
44. Scotland
45. Senegal
46. South Africa
47. Sweden
48. Switzerland
49. Tunisia
50. Turkey
51. Ukraine
52. Uruguay
53. USA
54. Uzbekistan
55. Venezuela
56. World Classics


1. All competitions and leagues are corrected.


1. Iran

4Shared Link

Google Drive Link


To use this on your PS4 console:

1. Copy the whole PS4 folder to a USB Flash memory.
2. Plug the flash memory into your PS4 USB port.
3. In your PS4 console go to:
-> Settings -> Application Saved Data Management
-> Saved Data On USB Storage Device
-> Copy To System Storage
-> Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
-> Check ‘Edit Data’ (Check ‘System Data’ if you want, I don’t know what does it contain, just for sure)
-> Copy
-> Select Overwrite (If asked)
4. Open PES 2016 Game and go to:
-> Edit -> Data Management -> Load
-> Select Yes

5. All Done, now you have a more polished PES 2016 experience.


I made this option file based on the kits and emblems and … from PES 2016 Day One Pack.
Credits of that pack is available in zip file.

Enjoy and give me feedback for next patch :)


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  1. this is not work your account!!! plug it usb and copy your own saved file to usb, now u can see this, this is my folder path, PS4>SAVEDDATA>4dc708169e9>CUSA02640 and files, this is a mononobi path PS4>SAVEDDATA>74223e1781513e75>CUSA02640 and files. U can copy mononobi files to your own folders, but it says,
    the other person’s use or something, test if u want it.

  2. I have an idea … that publishes the patch to make his first account edit all the fish PS4 … 2016 … and after you give files to that folder new replacement PS4 … > SAVEDDATA > [ [ [ 4dc708169e9 ]] ]> CUSA02640 nition at the console … and it gives us the account created … just so we can play all the fish edited by only 1 person … not to stay forever to edit all .. Maybe some just do not have time ..

  3. Tried that Rocky. Got the same message you got. “The saved data belongs to another player” . Must be locked or something.

  4. Maybe the trick is: copy all files and the edit data file to the PS4 and overwrite (advice: make a copy before). When copying is ready, just copy only the edit data file from PS4 to the USB (also overwrite). After this, copy only the date edit file from USB to PS4 again and overwrite. Now the date edit file should be working on your account. This method from Paul2478 is working for PS3, I don’t know if it’s working for PS4???? Just try, and report here.

  5. it doesn’t work for me, it says “The saved data belongs to another player”.
    is there a way to use another users edit data?

  6. I replaced your files into my user folder but it now says “the application is not installed”, therefore it doesn’t allow me to copy the files.

  7. same problem here, I replaced your files into my user folder but it now says “the application is not installed”, therefore it doesn’t allow me to copy the files.