Pes 2016 Kit Programme V1.0 by SerkanAltann

Pes 2016 Kit Programme V1.0 Features:

  • In 18 PSD Shirt Templates (Nike, Adidas, Lescon, Lotto)
  • League Logos, Supporter, Team Logos
  • All Kit Tools and Pes Tools



by Alperen Alkan

Team Color Editor by Mustafa Uguz
DpFileListGenerator 1.6 by Barış B.
KitManager V1.0 by Goalarg
KitStudio by Zlac
FileExplorer by Jenkey11
Next-Gen CPK Manager by sxsxsx(Suat Cagdas)

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  1. Without having downloaded anything from that server it says I have reached my limit. Can you please upload to other server? Thanks!

      • Everytime I try to download says my IP reached limit, to wait 10 minutes, and then it says same again, shit server to download.

        It also says 64mb takes 16 minutes? Come on, I download more than 1,5GB from other servers in that time.

  2. Thank you, as you can set in the tournament KONAMI CUP to choose 2 or more equal teams (example: Bayer vs Bayer) and time alone at night.

  3. Pes 2016 Scoreboard Hex Edit by SerkanAltann.

    please resubmit, because received post is empty. send under another form, if don’t appear on main site as approved, use the forum, will take it from there and update.