PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update v1.6 Release 1.11.15 by Yair

PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update 1.11.15 by Yair

* all the changes from all Core patches are in this patch
* game is much harder to play(for me at least )
* camera sliders are enabled by default


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  1. any boady can tell me how to turn off the internet from the game PES 2016 Selector Tool not working and i try meany things plz help

  2. hey there yair i really love your work with the gameplay patches :) but since the update 1.02 i cannot use them bcz i don’t have the 3dm crack for 1.02 version , or can i just use the old crack plz help !!!

  3. Mate please fix the keepers. And why your mod is compatibile only with 3DM crack? They are not make crack for 1.02. KONAMI fix keepers and this + your fixes make keepers good enough. But you mod is’t compatibile with 1.02 so far…

  4. Hey Yair,

    Thanks for your work.
    Unfortunately the link you gave to download is so full of advertising that I end up having no idea where to click to actually download your patch.
    Can someone help ?
    Thanks !

  5. Yair,why not put tutorial how install your patch ???

    First you install PESEdit then move downloads folder from Program Data\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to main PES 2016 directory.
    Select vers.1.6 original exe. Then unpack yair gameplay.

    Corect,yair ?

    • It works perfectly, if you don´t mind to read previous patches to see how to install or you are a dumb idiot who can´t guess how to use such a simple patch don´t say stupid things aginst one of best patches for this game.

      In the comments also, many users has post how to use it, but you didn´t mind to read even that. Would you like Yair himself to go to your home and install it for you?

  6. yesss i agree dude. finally this patch itss very so good, game is much harder to play awesomee very balance all nice and difficult for AI . THANKS YAIR this is the best version for now (Y)

  7. Hi Yair.. I think speed in the game is perfect and all physics but we score to much goals because ball is to fast and the goalkeeper is to slow.. I wish that you correct this.. Sorry for bad english..

  8. Hello Yair.
    For me sometimes is very easy to score and some times is very hard i thing it depend of how good is the goalkeeper (like reality)
    Now i said that many times any am going to said it again for me referees is big problem, i what to win fouls, penalties and also com players to get yellow and red cards.

  9. Hello everyone I wanted to ask , then I I downloaded them all these patches , but my dilemma is I have to leave all of them in the folder donwload and then start that interests me , I have just a copy and have it start … …. ? I did not understand this yet , if you just have one folder and then all I need to start one that I like more in gamming ? please answer me …… thanks

      • Μany people say that is very easy score or that defenders are not good or that they win very easy or……….
        I play super star level always with man ute in master league anyway for me some times is easy to win some times is very hard for example if i play with Liverpool is very hard some times.
        I now that you play super star to, and i want to ask you what do you think about this

  10. Another problem,i play superstar with original pes2016.exe,after i delet original exe and play with yair but gameplay is identic,very strange yair,NO???

  11. No diference,how make Yair this “gameplay”,i see nothing changed,play “superstar” original,after play “superstar” level with Yair and see !

  12. This version is easier than 1,5 o.O Playing on top player Barcelona vs Bilbao 11minutes match 4:1 13 shots on goal when they get just 3 chances

  13. Hi, when i try to start the game with yair’s shortcut, there is a problem about 0xc00000142. HOW CAN I FIX IT HELP ME PLS? I’M USING LATEST CRACK OF THE 3DM. ???? HEEEEELLLPPP