PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Core v1.9 Update 28.11.15 by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch Core v1.9 by Yair

* Fine tuning based on gameplay patch 1.8
* Ball roll on the pitch slower(this mainly to slow down the gameplay speed and passing accuracy)
** Still lot of work need to be done and I’m working on it.


Password: yairpatch

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  1. Yair your gameplay patches are great. And continue doing this amazing patch works. And in the next update can you decrease the players turning speed and their shoot speed? and make the AI more better. Thanks.

  2. Good job! Try harder on it because you make game experience better. I think the way players run is not so natural. There is a bucle in running animation and I think you could make it like PES6 faster and fluid. Thank you.

    • Goalies didn’t improve even in 1.8 much. They save shots but they dont adjust postion if shots taken off-center of the GK.

  3. Thanks Yair, your gameplay patches are great.But I think the player receives the ball, running when leaving the place is not real.In Fifa 16 is real.

  4. Really good patch, but have one problem.

    İf shoot is hop gk hand, go to sky and come back 3,4 seconds.

    İ hope you are solve this problem.

    and pes 16 is very easy without patch, please you are make harder gameplay.

    if you dont understand me very sory

    Because my english speaking is really bad.

  5. can you work on the referee decisions? opponents barely gets yellow and never ever get red card .even the fouls are also overlooked.

  6. For me 1.8 is better than 1.9. Shots and goalkeepers better 1.8 than 1.9. but the ball control is better in 1.9.
    Thak´s for your work.

  7. Yair you are great!
    Playing original Pes gameplay was impossible… now at least when i play against “normal” teams the gameplay is wonderful and realistic.
    When playing against top teams unfortunately the gameplay is still too fast even at -2, as it seems that players sprint as Usain Bot for the whole 90 minutes, and it’s so unreal!
    Anyway… you made the game pretty good yet, i hope you can decrease the game speed even more and adjust some referee’s and gk’s unrealistic behaviour

  8. Can anyone tell me how can i customize my own bootpack…You guys put alot of black boots(i dont like it) and take out good boots i like…i cant find out how to customize-_-