PES 2016 English Premier League Facepack 310 Faces by jovkane

Download PES2016 EPL Facepack 310 Faces by jovkane


Facepack includes 310 English Premier League Players’ faces :
All the faces were combined from all my previous facepacks for every Premier League Team. Faces that weren’t working or caused problems were removed.
Most faces were converted from Pes 2015 and I chose the best faces available and simply compiled them. Hope you will like it.

*How to make facepacks compatible with PesGalaxy, PTE, Smoke and other Patches : click here.

NONE of these faces were made by me nor do they belong to me.
ALL credits go to ALL the amazing facemakers who made all these faces.

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    • Sorry I don’t think I;ll be doing it anytime soon bro, its a darn long process to be fair to make the whole league, like this took me a week and I am only compiling and converting, imagine those face makers who made these fantastic faces. I salute them..

    • Oh shiz, but I can’t/dunno how to fix it the face is not mine. Try unpacking the facepack’s cpk and replace his face or delete his face. Cuz I checked all of the faces in Edit Player mode and it was all fine. Is it floating in game?

  1. i think u should adjust the size between the body and the face..its more important..its really funny a big headed player running around on the pitch..

  2. 95% of the faces are amazing but there are some faces that has to be reverted to default but i dont know how like Hazard-Taylor (Swansea)-Youshida (Southampton)

    • Try, I am not sure if this works, but try to find an individual face, for example you wanna replace Hazard, find a Hazard face that you like or another facepack containing that face download it and when you regenerate with the DpFileList (latest version) you will see there are two columns the right in which you select your cpks and on the left you drag the Hazard face that YOU have downloaded to the very bottom. What it does is that it loads the face at the bottom of the queue and overwrites the one in my facepack, because you place it lower (higher priority). Try and see if it works.