Patch 2016 [PES 2016][PC] v0.3 Released 21.10.2015

Download VirtuaRED Patch 2016 v0.3

– Done a deep renovation of the faces, improving notably the quality level and updating a lot of hairs.

– Added kits for all the national teams, classic national teams, Premier League teams, and some teams of Championship ((Brentford, Cardiff City, Fulham, Ipswich Town, Middlesbrough, Nottingham Forest y MK Dons FC).

– New bootpack with the last available models.

– Added a very complete stadiums pack. All the stadiums in a very high quality and with updated adverts. This pack extends the number of available stadiums up to 39. All the stadiums correctly linked to their respective teams/national teams.

– Guiseppe Meazza
– Old Trafford
– Allianz Arena
– Estadio do Morumbi
– Estadio Urbano Caldeira
– Juventus Stadium
– Saitama Stadium 2002
– San Siro
– Fussbal Arena Munchen
– St. Jakob-Park
– Emirates Stadium
– Anoeta
– Power8 Stadium
– Borussia Park
– KONAMI Stadium
– Camp Nou
– Estadio de Riazor
– Mestalla
– Wembley Stadium
– Türk Telekom Arena
– Estadio da Luz
– Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán
– Benito Villamarín
– Stade de France
– La Rosaleda
– Santiago Bernabéu
– Ciutat de València
– Estadio de Balaídos
– King Fahd International Stadium
– Estadio de Vallecas
– El Monumental
– La Bombonera
– Nuevo Estadio de Los Cármenes
– Coliseum Alfonso Perez
– Estádio Jose Alvalade
– Estádio do Dragão
– Vicente Calderón
– Olympiastadion Berlin
– National Stadium in Warsaw

– Stadium previews completely new, which a very nice new style.

– Added a big quantity of adboards in the game, both for national and international competitions, which will appear automatically (depending on the competition) in the different matches you play. Also there are official adboards for some specific teams and national teams.

– Improved some secondary graphics, like nets, supporters, rain effect, or offside line.

– Better turf textures in all the stadiums.


Installation of the patch with a comfortable and easy desktop app, from which you can access to all the download links quickly and clearly. All the instructions are included as well, please follow them strictly.

Virtua 2016


Special thanks/Agradecimientos especiales:
– Very thanks to the VRED Team members: Txak, Cronos, Juaniyo, Secun1972, Meryoju, Tote_Alkor, Gnen, Tibinator, and Tizziano. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn’t be possible.
– Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, W!ld@, or Razib_46. Their tools make us easier the edition task.

Database/Base de datos:
– Teams renamed by Txak.
– Competitions renamed by Txak.
– Home stadiums linked to respective teams by Cronos.
– Adboards linked to competitions/teams/national teams by Cronos.

Option File/Fichero de opciones:
– Sleeves badges and balls linked to respective competitions by Cronos.

– Faces compiled and tested by Gnen.
– Faces and hairs by Abbasstark, Abdallah Tamer, Alex7, Allan Souza, Amir27, Amir.Hsn7, Andrews, Andri_Dexter11, Beats, Bono10, brilyan, Carzg, CgM2k7, Cleiton Silva, Dantezalazar, Dexter, DzGeNiO, Elemander, Elmodamer2010, Emre0796, Emre Kaya, Euler, Everest9, Fabler, Fampei, Fampei89, Fede, Footballmania, Gemy87, Gleidson, Godra94, Grkm, Hawke, HD3011, Hosam, JokernatioN, Kairzhanov, Kingsley, Kpt1, Kukus, Lincoln, love01010100, Luisimo666, Mario, MarioMilan, Markn, Mauro, Maxi534, Mayo, Maze32, Memer, Milagro, MinchoSheen, Mizar710, Mystiq, Oleh, PantelG7, Phenom, Phenomenon, Prince Shieka, Rahul, Rednik, Reus11, Sameh Momen, SantanAji, Savio, Saviogoncalves1995, Sekiz, Shaft, Shaggy, Shamrik_gunners, Shemrik, Sokratis, Sotirakis, spirit, Spiritusanto, Steet, Stev King, Straone, Tunizizou, UserDJ, Yasin02, Vangelis, Znovik_S.

– Kits compiled and tested by Juaniyo, Cronos, Tote Alkor, Tibinator.
– Kits by Aemza-Kun, AgamSF, aLe, Amir27, Astracell, Buffon 99, Cofi_Delija, Cronos, Emre Aydin, Gerlamp, Jappyjoker, Juaniyo, Klashman69, Kolia V, marckldu, NemanjaBRE, PESEdit, Santy_Argentina, Tikkio, Tote_Alkor, Txak, vadim_95, VirtuaRED TEAM.
– Referee kits by Cronos, with the supporting of Tunizizou.
– Sleeves badges by Cronos.

– Unlock 24 gloves by Boonaun.

– Unlock 100 boots by PolarisNine.
– Bootpack by WENS.
– Special thanks to Konami, Boonaun, Sxsxsx, Tunizizou, Alphatext ,19tha, Qinchao, Abu Ubaidah-

– All balls compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Balls by Cronos, Danyy77, Elemen , Ppaaggpp, SG.

– Team/nations/competitions logos by Cronos and PESLogos, added by Cronos.
– Color fans in the stands by Viettuanhp95.
– Scoreboard TV logos by Txak.
– Minor graphic modifications by Secun1972 and FranJavi.
– PS3/PS4/XBOX360 buttons and GamePad by A20Group.
– Canal+ HD Replay file usm by 67058040, adapted by Secun1972.
– HD Nets by InMortal.
– Better supporters and rain effect by Fruits.
– Offside line by Gabe.paul.logan.

– Adboards compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Adboards by Cronos, G-Style, Ganugunners, Hang u, Hicksville, Majuh, Mephobia, Randerscheinung, Txak, UllaMaron, Zikint.
– Stadiums compiled and tested by Cronos.
– Stadiums by Boonaun, Konami, Tizziano, Txak, Vangheljs, Yucel11.
– Stadium previews by Meryoju.
– New turf textures by Fruits.


[Image: 17_0_3.jpg][Image: 18_0_3.png][Image: 19_0_3.png][Image: image.png][Image: 21_0_3.png][Image: 22_0_3.png][Image: 23_0_3.png][Image: 24_0_3.png][Image: 25_0_3.png][Image: 26_0_3.png][Image: 27_0_3.png][Image: 28_03.png]

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  1. Hi,
    Can anybody tell me how to download patch? I downloaded the link and after that it required me to make an account? Please help me

  2. All transfer summer? And They were added players that did not exist in the game? Draxler, Kaká, Trapp….

  3. Cuando saquen el DLC konami con los fichajes, se podra instalar sin que afecte al parche? Aun que tengamos el juego pirata? Gracias

  4. please bring back the ball landing position X so i know where its going,some people like me hate it and it makes corners defending and crossing from them much harder, and also the free kicks, so for some of us who are not yet skilled to be playing without the indicator please bring it back, and Matic and Griezman faces are better in the vanilla game, so can you maybe remove them in the next patch.

    • i think its a problem with Stdium and StadExtra files, when they are removed, i am getting money from home games, and there is a crowd. Please look into it

  5. is there a BUNDESLIGA ? is it with complete team and correct team player? please kindly answer me, i interest to download it, but i want to make sure that there is BUNDESLIGA on this patch.

  6. Better all of you wait DLC of Konami, then wait maybe 4-6 days after DLC going out for new patch.

    Just tell all patch until now is beta :)

    • Hay 39 estadios ahora mismo, de momento solo se puede añadir uno más, quizás saquemos otros stadiumpack para que la gente elija el que más le guste.
      Sobre la bundesliga no te puedo dar una fecha, pero estamos trabajando en ello.

  7. Amigos, muy bueno el parche. Los vengo siguiendo desde Pes2015! Solo un comentario, la camiseta de la seleccion chilena es Nike! Si pudieran actualizarla seria perfecto! Gracias, Saludos!

  8. Hy. I have a problem with ML , when i start a new ML career , after i create the manager , the game and i quote “Pro evolution soccer 2016 has stoppend working” PROBLEM !!! please , please , please help me ! What can i do ???????

  9. Hey. The PATCH is really good but Im having a problem.
    Everytime I start a match, the game crashes and exit. I think I installed everything right but I appreciate the help.
    Thanks :)

  10. What can you say me about…very repetitive Error online myclub, unexpected error has ocurred …

    Has that patch online compatility?


  11. Does anyone know why I have issues with stadiums? I have only 16 stadiums in exhibition mode, but in Master League I have 39 stadiums, but all stadiums got no crowd, just empty stadiums. I downloaded everything, did put in correct folders, I don’t have any other cpk’s or option files. Just weird, never had this problem before.

  12. Hey, why do I always get “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 stopped working” error everytime I want to play a match? I think everything was installed correctly. Please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible! Thank you!

  13. would you consider using the 3dlogos for team emblems as a optional file, cuz everytime i try to use them, every unlicenced team has no badge, because the team id from your mod and the 3dlogo mod is different, and i dont know how to fix it, so if you have any advice on how to make it work pleas post it

  14. Una vez reemplazado el archivo del Fix, siguen saliendo los estadios vacios y no se ingresa dinero por entradas en la ML

    • Transfers will be soon, after DLC of day 29, bundesliga maybe will come too on the next version, correct Serie B I hope Konami do it on the DLC, if not will gonna do on the patch, about the arrows with the fix appear again.

  15. 1º Open the game its ok but on start game he crash down
    2º Same hair textures is out and up of the head player

    Some fix that ?

  16. Hola. yo hoy descargue el DLC de Konami y me interesaría descargar este parche que parece muy bueno. Pero he leido que no es compatible. Me podrían avisar cuando haya un parche disponible compatible con la actualización de Konami por favor? Quiero iniciar la Liga Master, pero hasta no tener el juego en condiciones no quiero porque sino voy a tener que empezar todo otra vez.

  17. that deception, I expected more of this patch.It does not have the logos of the premier, not the Bundesliga, missing transfers.

  18. -Missing transfers like falcao, schneiderlin, di maria, and some other young players
    -Most of the faces are great, but some others are crap. The face is too big or the head is too small, and the hair is not finely made.
    -Missing bundesliga
    -The others are great, please update ASAP you made a great patch :)

  19. Is it possible to make the ref-kits, the scoreboard, corner flags, replay logos, and ball automatically change according to the league or cup you are playing, and to add the cup/league logo to the kits depending on the match?

  20. Guys hello, i just realised that some players hands are completely white? do you know why? is there a fix? Thanks