Patch 2016 [PES 2016][PC] Fix 0.3 Released 28.10.2015 Patch 2016 [PES 2016][PC] Fix 0.3

Fix 0.3 Features:

– Supporters in all stadiums for ML, BAL, Leagues and Cups.
– Fixed problem with some stadiums which crashed the game.
– Fixed Chelsea adboards.
– Showing guides in faults and corners.
– Stadiums ordered by country.


Thanks to all for your feedback and patience!! Here: Patch 2016 v0.3

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  1. E.Balanta and Rafinha(BCN) doesn´t have their faces from previous VRedpatches, Bazoer plays with no hair, can´t display the guides when doing a free kick, when are you going to include Bundesliga? Ronaldinho? A. Hallilovic?…

    • – Each patch has a different facepack.
      – If you install properly this fix, the guides will be shown again.
      – Bundesliga will be added in next versions. Now we are adapting this patch to the first Konami’s DLC.
      – We haven’t worked on transfers because Konami already has done this work on their DLC today released.

      • Thanks guys, so, to have all the faces, what we have to do?, install all the patches? If that so, how? thanks again!

  2. Hi,

    I have trouble when to play Master League. It randomly runs into crash; before a match, create new master league game, or changing players.

    Can you find out what is wrong there?

  3. I installed this ,,,, everything is running fine but……i was already into a master league career….now when i am loading the exiting master league..i am still stuck with same old team emblems////how to fix tat??

  4. THX for ur work! and small advice, consider not adding Your faces of for example ROONEY, R.MASON, W.ZAHA, LEWANDOWSKI or SZCZESNY, in my opinion original Konami faces are much better :)

  5. hi its all working but I cant go online myclub getting data pack incompatible code:SGJC237.

    whats gone wrong why wont it let me go online?

  6. Hola, me sigue creasheando a pesar de tener el fix puesto, lo solucionarán? me crashea justo cuando voy a empezar un partido o master. Gracias.

  7. Is it possible to make the ref-kits, the scoreboard, corner flags, replay logos, and ball automatically change according to the league or cup you are playing, and to add the cup/league logo to the kits depending on the match?

      • No it isn’t solved. Still no crowd.
        I copy the fix.cpk into the download folder.
        Doesnt work for me.
        What should i do?
        Or must i start a new ML season?
        I dont think so…
        Whats wrong?

        • I tried to start a new ML season. Still no crowd.
          There is only no crowd in the added Stadiums.
          Konami stadium (and so on)…there is a crowd.