Sider 2.3 For PES 2016 by juce

Download Sider v2.3 For PES 2016 by juce

– adjust Zoom, Height, Angle for “Custom” camera: go beyond 0-10 range.

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  1. Doesnt work for me, i did exactly what the instruction said in the readme file. Still max is 10. I have PES Tuning patch installed.

        • Run sider.exe, it will open a command-line text window, with
          some introductory text. Don’t close that window, but you can
          minimize it, if you want.

          Run the game. Make sure you press a keyabord key at least
          once, for example when the game says “Press Any Key”. This
          is very important – to make sure that sider.dll gets mapped
          into PES process. After that, you can navigate the game
          with your game controller (or keyboard), whichever way you

          • Thanks a lot !!!!
            I used my controller to press a key when “press any key” and it didn’t work, now it works when simple pressing enter ! thanks !!!

  2. Please how to have less zoom ? i Mean -5 or -10 , to see the pitch a little bit far ? ? ? ? Please This is GREAT. Is working like a charm but we need ZOOM OUT. Sry for my english !

  3. I have not got it to work.

    The maximum limit remains 10.

    In “sider.log” it is written:

    handle = 01120321
    Main: Init DONE

    What’s the problem ?

    What are the restrictions? Patch? Crack? original.exe?

  4. Thank you, as you can set in the tournament KONAMI CUP to choose 2 or more equal teams (example: Bayer vs Bayer) and time alone at night.

  5. Ok Juce now new question : is it possible to do the same as “camera.sliders.max” but in negative ? In order to zoom out more. You know what i mean ?
    Thanks !

  6. En tipo de camara personalizado: zoom 0, altura 20 y angulo 0, cuando el balon va por la parte superior de la pantalla la vision se reduce, solo se puede ver a 4 jugadores, tambien en los saque largo de banda. se puede corregir?