PES 2016 100 boots BOOTPACK 0.2 Packed by diordi

Download PES2016 WENS Boots 0.2 Mod by various

mega uploaded

This is a bootpack for pes 2016 made with boots of some different bootmakers…

most boots are from WENS pes 2015 pack

another credits: Tiserao9, laim, konami, diordi
(i’m sorry if i forgot someone)

also.. I forgot Danny77 ballpack from pes 2015 inside the CPK, so it will add some balls on your game as well.. (hope you don’t mind)

Credit : various, diordi

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  1. thanks a lot for “ask me” to post it here… very cool of you….

    // mod: we didn’t know its made by you. your link added and title updated.

    // credits also updated.

  2. mod: thanks for your comprehension

    for those who are getting black screen:
    try to rebuild the “dpfilelist.bin” again (delete the older one and make a new one, preferentially using “DpFileListGenerator v1.5 by Baris”
    remember to put this pack as the LAST ITEM on dpfilelist… and do not try to put another bootpack together, on the same dpfilelist.bin, if you have another one on dpfilelist, remove it… ’cause it shall not work… it shall not be no compatible…