PES 2016 Kar Modu V1 ( PES 2016 Snow Mod V1 )

Not : Kar Modu Old Trafford, Konami Stadium, Allianz Area Statlarında Çalışmaktadır ( Snow Mode Old Trafford, Konami Stadium is running in the Allianz Arena Stadium )

It may not be compatible with packet patches ( paket yamaları ile uyumlu olmayabilir )

turbobit uploaded

Credits: Pesmonkey

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  1. Congratulations, you have managed to take the snow texture layers from my Pesmonkey pitchmod and claim them as your own.

    I can prove this via screenshots I know these textures inside out especially your second example with mus mixed with snow as its in the exact same location as I created them, next time – try and be a little more original (of which its proven you cant be).

  2. Amazingly the snow is for the exact same stadiums I created for my pitchmod, anyone needs proof of this load my pitchmod in 2015 and go to these stadiums and compare.

    Sickeningly poor show my friend, I dont give any permission for this work to be used elsewhere.

    and again – try actually using photoshop and literally days of understanding how the engine works to produce something original.

    Let me guess, your working on rain by taking rain textures from my pitchmod? I wouldn’t be at all surprised. F***k it why not just call it pesmonkey pitchmod and change your name.