PES16 PTE Patch Update 1.0 – RELEASED 06/10/2015

Download PES2016 PTE Patch Update 1.0


– 1. Bundesliga fully licensed – Correct squads, lineups, names, logos & kits (Including 3rd kits & combinations)
– Premier League fully licensed – Correct names, logos & kits (Including 3rd kits & combinations)
– Championship fully licensed – Correct names, logos & kits (Including 3rd kits & combinations)
– Liga NOS fully licensed – Correct names, logos & kits (Including 3rd kits & combinations)
– U.S. Sassuolo fully licensed
– Transfers, lineups and numbers updated – Attention that, the transfers are not all made, we just use players that are already in the game. More to come after the Live Update be decrypted.
– Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams
– Real logos and names for all the unlicenced leagues and competitions
– Improved boots and glooves quality
– Unlocked 10 balls & added 8 new balls, including: Ordem3 EPL, Ordem3 Serie A, Ordem3 LFP, Pro Ligue 1 OMB, Ordem2 CBF 2015, Torfabrik, etc.
– Correct icons and radar colors for all the kits added (except for the American, Asian & African National Teams)
– Sleeve bagdes added for Premier League, Championship, Serie A & Liga NOS
– New selector tool by Ginda – special version for PTE Patch – Includes a Pitch mode and SweetFX switch
– Patch compatible with the Greek and Russian languages.
– Patch compatible Online – You can choose between “Default Online” mode or “Licensed Online” mode in the selector

* NOTE1: The “Moreirense” Away kit and the “Koln” GK kit are not in the patch
* NOTE2: Leverkusen dont have real fonts and numbers
* NOTE3: All this will be updated in the next patches


– Is not necessary have the previous versions of the patch installed
– If you find some error, please report
– Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work.
– Don’t use any of our work without permission

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PTE Patch 2016 – mota10 – andy18cruz – Jesus Hrs – stavrello7


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    • pls help me download this patch. I have tried but I don’t know how to please text me even via Facebook. Galabe meldrick

  1. Esta muy lejos de los buenos trabajos que hace PTE habra que esperar, prefiero el Clasic Patch que viene con transferencias al 100% y pesa 1 gb y descomprimido como 5 gb

  2. bundesliga is not working,just bayern and wolfsburg have a correct emblems, kits and names(borussia dortmund is pes united and etc)

  3. Thank you guys for the professional work pte patch is always the best everything is just so tidy I would call it the official patch all the other patches lack reliability with all the random rubbish work, however I would suggest to update some national teams kits such as Jordan national team from Asia update it to the new Adidas kit.

  4. Everything is working just fine, perfect but cant add stamford bridge as Chelsea home ground please help !! PTE Patche the best patch !!

  5. Please add missing players like draxler blasczykovski kalinic etc.and finish 100 % of transfers,please put more faces in bundesliga,if you can put more pitch mods,and add more clubs in all european clubs.thanks when coming next update?

    • imenjače daj mi molim te reci jel znas mozda neki patch za xbox 360 da ima sve transfere i prava imena klubova il bar 90%
      hvala puno

  6. When I saw that patch I thought finally YES! But unfortunately this patch is sh*t and he needs more work. Waiting for update.

  7. First of all thanks for PTE for the patches in pes2016..
    As this patch always bring us to the steam patch and wont start..
    I not sure its work on cracked version but for paid it confirmed worked..

    Hope next patch can update for those cracked version to work..

  8. Run SmartSteamLoader.exe to play don’t crack. its work but some tranfers still not complete like there is no Felipe Melo and Alex Telles in Inter Milan

  9. nice patch ,my concern is that almost all the African national team squads are wrong and most of the black players have the same faces.pls fix that

  10. u guys who are only downloading it, u make ur complaining/ questioning in such a hobby..take this patch, or wait for the the better one after the konami’s dlc is coming!

  11. For the person who does not work for them patch reloaded version, simply install the PTE patch and then recopy the crack and ready, leave Offline mode to enjoy the patch to the fullest.

  12. magnífico trabajo son unos máster el parche por excelencia, solo un par de cosas, las net se ven poco podrían en la próxima actualización en hd y para los que no les abre copiar otra vez el crack reloaded así funciona, error en Windows 8 al querer poner SweetFX, y otro colocar boot pack actualizado en el próximo update, todo lo demás super bien trabajado al igual que los estadios de Starlen Silva, son los mejores Brother

  13. when i try put the Estarlen Silva Stadiums i make a new dpfilelist and the bundesliga have only 3 teams licenced BAYER WOLFBURGO BURUSIA M . the other teams fake emblems and names sorry for my bad english thanks for the patch

    • Yes, before install starlen silva stadium pack run perfectly bundesliga, with correct logos ans squads, after install stadium pack i hace only correct squads, no real logos, no real team names only Bayern,Wolsburg and Moendchengladbah.

  14. Great job! but was missing some transfers, Julian Draxler in wolfsburg, Kevin trapp in psg …. finding it, I post here

  15. Great job, thank you! Just wanna let you know though, the Santiago Bernabeu’s call name is wrong, it’s Miniero’s stadium.. This could be Estarlen Silva’s issue though!

  16. kits badges for budesliga teams should be fixed and adborads for all the leagues are missing.real madrid club world cup winners badge is also missing and you should add some scoreboards with replay logos and an after goal music in your next update.

  17. Why I can’t set the pitch, SweetFX and scoreboard mode ?? It tells me that access to the path “download\ptepatch_pit.cpk” is denied. please help!

  18. good joob guys with this patch , thank you very much . but there are some errors with the stadiums for ex. stadio olipmico at day or san siro crowds are all black , is this happening only to me or i’ts a patch glitch ??? thanks

  19. gan…gmn cara nambahin cpk stadiumnya…ane udah pnya cpk stadium by ES …pas gabungin Pke DpFileList genarator 1.5 by baris emblem team bundesliganya malah balik sperti awal… mohon pencerahnnya gan… please reply…

    • saya juga sama pake DpFileList Generator 1.5 by Baris, tapi begitu kasusnya balik lagi ke awal, akhirnya pake Hex Editor, berhasil…
      coba pake Hex Editor, tambahin secara manual
      hanya saja barisnya cuma bisa sampai 0F
      mungkin ada yang bisa bantu???

        • dari DpFileList ori PTE Patch (back up dulu utk jaga-jaga) buka dengan Hex Editor (saya pake Hex Editor versi lama)
          tutorial “cara edit dpfilelist.bin dengan Hex Editor” bisa cari di internet, banyak ko…

          • ada solusi dari agan “CloudsNine” bisa pake DpFileList 1.5 by Baris tapi “ptepatch_onl.cpk” jangan dicentang..saya udah cobain n berhasil
            makasih banget agan CloudsNine atas solusinya…

          • Setelah di generate dengan DpfileList,
            1. Kalo Exibithion Match, OK

            2. Tapi, sebagian besar tim sudah ada stadionnya di Pack ini masih tetap KONAMI Stadium yang jadi Homenya di Master League.

            Gan, gmana cara integrasi Stadionnya ke Master League ?

  20. Good patch finally but please update version.Mising Draxler and Kenedy from Chelsea…How great players can missing?? Bundesliga ratings are very low.Leno only 75 and other players.

  21. great patch,instaled on fresh reloaded copy,playing with crack included in tutorial. just one question,how to enable crowd?

  22. bundesliga badges missing for all teams while playing offline mode and official adboards for all leagues are missing….. all stadiums should have UCL,UEL and UEFA Super cup banners.These all Should be there in your next update…..

  23. PTE team pls dont change the gameplay settings. When i play with your patch the game was so very fast. The offside line so bad. Stamford bridge stadium cannot change. Overall is okay, but dont change the gameplay.

  24. Please in the next update, 100 boots and 51 stadiums? and actual Fiorentina not players Gilardino and M.Gomes…

    • not just them, in patch there are still Vargas, Rosi, Kurtic and others who are not in the team anymore… players who came to fiorentina like Kalinic,Gilberto, Astori, Verdu, Kuba Błaszczykowski are still not in Viola……

  25. my edit file for pes2016 based in PTE Patch its about 95% transfers,except players missing ( Draxler, Kalinic, Blaczikovsky,Halilovic,Bakkaly,K.P Boateng etc,National Teams its about 80%, tomorrow i will try to upload.

  26. Fix dorsal name. Many players have wrong letter. Example: Yaya Toure – in game – Wawa Toure , Wilfried – Xilfried

  27. I loaded Patch PTE 1.0 to play to be normal for everything, but it will be no ball cursor using dpfilelist generator 1.5 which other patches as usual, but Patch PTE 1.0 , then the league Bundesliga, the team name , player . logo speculate as to how or how to fix it , thank you.

  28. Yyeeahh….Its working for me!!!
    but when i play in san siro stadium (homefield of A.C Milan), all supporter is blackman. Please FIX it for next update,THANKS PTEpatch

      • I am not Sharmarke Farah but Sharmarke Abdalle. Anyway I followed the tutorial and did every thing good. Now I enjoy. I really like PES. *******PES 4EVER****

  29. Croatian kits are okay, but the names of the Croatian players are still messed up. Hope you fix that in the next version of PTE patch.

  30. respect guys for a hard work!can you fix juventus kits in next update . These jerseys are not like real life :p and what about animated adboards as in PES 2015 ?sorry for my bad english . pte patch is the best ! keep up the good work! more faces,stadiums pack .. cheers guys

  31. Very nice work, but there is something you should fix in next update, the kits of Albania National Team the home,away and GK kits are all the same, the red one

  32. Funciona perfecto gracias !!! lo instalé en un PES limpio sin parches previos sigan los pasos en el pdf bajan el crack y ejecutan todo como admin.-

  33. oh no! The name of players in national team (Iran) is wrong. many transfer in League Eredivisie is worng. For example John Heitinga join to Ajax and Ajax have left Richairo Živković and Kolbeinn Sigþórsson.

  34. PESmania, bagi yg kesulitan u generate stadium pack by ES silahkan ikuti cara berikut : pd saat generate file cpk menggunakan dpfilelist editor file ptepatch_sta jgn sdh mencoba dan berhasil (stadium jd 41 dan bundesliga logo tim ttp logo resmi)

    • tambahannya klo main offline :”ptepatch_onl.cpk” jgn dicentang juga(kalau menggunakan DpFileListGenerator v1.5 by Baris). nanti logo bundesliganya bakalan ngaco klo di centang.

  35. Hey there, i can’t find a way to get the correct bundesliga logos, teams and players. premier league is still called ‘english league’ or whatever whereas logos there are correct and so on..
    i’ve been trying like numerous ways to get the ‘full version’ of this patch goin by integrating this cpk’s and that cpks’s – but i havent found the right way. i’ve been runnin offline mode, online with fully licensed with like 5 dpfileslists, integrated the ‘download’ folder, into the ‘data’ folder and all sorts of things, put this dpfileslist in that folder, in this folder..
    Can you guys please tell me which *.cpks i should add to a new dpfilelist and in which folder i should transfer the new dpfilelist when running which Mode of the PTE patch… please no wild guessin – i think im through with that ;) thanks a ton!

    • DUH! their are transfers not complete, can you read or do you just complain? THERE IS 1,700 PLAYERS NOT IN THE GAME THANKS TO KONAMI. STFU AND WAIT TILL THE 29TH OR DO THEM YOURSELF.

      #NobodyCares jesus Christ.


  37. How to Disable the Field pitch texture from this mod? I love everything of this mod except the pitch – it looks far too dirty for some stadiums. Please help me to disable it.

  38. buenísimo trabajo, solo un par de errores: estadio del Bayern sin público, estadio de la final de la champions público sin textura,chelsea no se puede cambiar estadio y colocar stanford Bridge no es compatible este parche con dp file list generador, cambiar net por unas hd que se vean mejor, hacerlo compatible con SweetFX por favor todo lo demás esta super bien

  39. Guys, since I installed this patch I noticed differences in gameplay. Since then, I can not play more in “super star”, I feel the game too fast and I’m no longer take pleasure to play. I’m the only one who this happens? The patch includes something that interferes with the gameplay ?

  40. please replace peu and pla leagues with some real leagues like belgium or russian .. when I play champions master league there are stupid names of teams from peu and pla league please add real teams

  41. Please create new players, UEL Scoboard, Real and Barca UCL Kit, Stadium pack and more… in new update.THANKS
    I love PTE Patch.

  42. Hi PTE Team ,your team have done a great job for the patches.Just want to ask,why in master league mode,there is still Manchester United playing in Europa league,not the Champions league?any solution on this?Really appreciate your feedback.

  43. Can’t wait the next PTE patch with any update such a transfer update, many more face, and kits-stadium update, come on PTE, grazie !!!

  44. in my opinion:
    The PTE patch was the best patch in pes 2015
    and also in pes 2016, pte is the best until now
    Because the Pte team know that the beautifully and excitement of the game is in the original game play
    and they dont change the game play and dont add additional things that make the game play bad
    if you attention, in original game without patches the goalkeeper AI and other thing are normal and goalkeepers do some beautiful reactions and are not weak, but in the most of patches the goalkeeper become weak and do not some good reactions because of changed game play i think.
    Thank you guys for the professional works

    Note* my means from original game is the original cd key and default cracked versions

  45. pls help me download this patch. I have tried but I don’t know how to please text me even via Facebook. pls a direct link or hw to proceed with download. thanks in advance
    Galabe meldrick

  46. The pte crack i downloaded is not showing the crack files after extracting,,it’s showing pes 2016v1.01…exe…pls wah should i do moreover the first 3 links in tutorial doesn’t have the file no more

  47. Hello Jesus and hagi, you guys are original. Just tried pte patch for the first time and it’s great. Appreciate your efforts and please don’t stop. Please try to update players faces.

    • Hi: thanks for your support words..I will continue working and contributing my bit,to help to PTEPtach continue being a great regards

  48. I’m waiting for your next PTE Patch Update, i really Appreciate your efforts and please don’t stop.

    God bless you

  49. PTE fans need to update the new version . !!
    Hopefully quickly update the latest version

    you the best number one for the fans PTE

  50. Italian Serie B don’t have any original kit and some squad name still fake. All stadium names still default. Hope to see that this things will be fixed. For the rest, is ok.

  51. Please I need help, while following the steps I got stock at step 3… it has refused to install…. has been on 1% for the past 1 hour…. please what should I do? Help

  52. Please help me :((( when i save in pte program It tells me that access to the path “download\ ptepatch_pit.cpk” is denied