PES 2016 PS4c Patch v0.1 by Mauro Souza Released 25 October 2015

Hello. I´m Mauro Souza and I was modder of Pes with PES 5 and PES 6.
Today I prefer PES 2016 and not FIFA 16 but…..I don´t have a PS4!!! and I want the PS4 Experience!
PES 2016 PC isn´t the same! Do you want it like me? Yes? Not problem.
I´m working hard since September in a mod that I have called “PS4c Patch” for PES 2016 PC
and it´s amazing guys! I tested yesterday with my friends and They love it!
But I need explain you the instructions to modify the game.


– AI Reworked and Fixed
– Better GKs (More intelligent)
– Textures 4k
– Reworked ball physics like PS4
– Bugs and several Errors Fixed
– AI reworked [AI coordination, AI Creativity, AI free ball fight ]
Ball physics fixed issue from v1 with ball movement at some some
Movement Control [ better response on commands, keyboard users also have more control ]
Dynamic gameplay [ overall gameflow changes [in ATT/DEF,referee,positioning…] to make game more interesting ] Other small gamefixes… Enjoy it!

PS4c Patch v0.1 has 4 parts

1. PS4c d3d9.dll fix
2. PS4c dxgi fix
3. PS4c log log
4. PS4c v0.1 (exe)

1.You need download the 4 parts and copy/paste in your PES 2016 Directory

– Mauro Souza
– Instarucker
– Birdmen47
– Obasic89
– EnixLopes

// Removed. Fake modder.

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  1. I am currently using pte patch, do i have to install this patch on a fresh save or can i install it as it is ?

    • I’m on pte also, ans was scared to upset my settings but I’m glad i did. i copied the 3dmcrack into the folder and then copied all these files in there also and the game has never ran better.

  2. ok well ill write it again
    I’m using pte patch and installed this and it has stopped all the slow down and stuttering. it is amazing!! thank you

  3. i just left all the files including the 3dm crack in with the pes folder, i don’t have to do anything with the PS4c v0.1 (exe) file right?

  4. This guy was Adrian Cañada, after that was Peter Harris, and now is Mauro Souza. It’s still stolen stuff from other modders. He has stolen Yair’s work, Fruit’s work, Estarlen’s and others just to earn money with those links. Please admins do something about. He is stealing not only other modders work but also identities to continue earning money with others work.

    • jesus!! i just want to say thank you to the real modders for there hard work. if this lad is a con man he needs to be banned

      • can someone tell me which of Yairs work this is. it would be nice to know so i can point people in the right direction as it is a great piece of work

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