PES 2016 PS3 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [release 22/10/15]

Here I release [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod [MOD BLUS31564 / iMARS / BLESXXXXX] [BDH] By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven


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Password: BlueDiskHaven


Only For Custom Firmware or With ODE (Optical Disc Drive)

Features & Credits

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as long as you dont change my links and keep the credits to me faith genesis raven from bluediskhaven because that can help to get the views up



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  1. First of all sorry that I dont always monitor comments, I post the mod on a lot of places and I dont need to edit the posts to update since i have everything on google docs or pastebin, Also been quite busy and didn’t have time to check everywhere

    Remember to check the changelogs

    Anyways some big updates thanks @ Sargox
    Updated Premier League Kits (More alternatives)
    Added More Faces
    Updated Bundesliga Kits (Improved)
    Added More Faces

    Also I have been doing updates here and there adding more content Kits
    More Transfers etc… and much more!

    More to follow this weekend

    Stay Tuned!

    Have more free time next week so I hope to add much more and monitor and try to answer questions
    Also feedback is appreciated thanks! :)

    • Muchas gracias faith genesis raven, todos los dias paso por la pagina, para ver si hay novedades, tu parche es el mejor, muchas gracias.
      Vi en facebook, un chico que agrego los estadios de pes 14, pes 15, a pes 16, me gustaria si puedes, que los agregues, saludos!

    • Edith’s masterpiece.
      Added stadiums(Dedicated Stadium:chelsea real madrid-barcelona…. and football referee and Snowy weather
      is that possible?

  2. Stadiums are working fine for me, make sure your using the latest versions of everything

    Just incase try the alternative dt30

    I will double check everything and look into it but liked mentioned for me everything is working

  3. thanks this mod is the best .more faces please like konoplyanka ,rabiot,jason murillo and iceland , albania kits please. some new stadium doesnt work . thanks

  4. I can now confirm that under certain conditions new stadiums would load forever
    Updated the dt10 with two dt10 one with new stadium support other without
    you dont have to change the dt30 or anything when using either dt10

    Once I sort out the issue it’ll be in the dt42 unless if its something big where i would have to update the dt30 again but i would like to avoid that

    Faces I dont have control as Sargox converts all of them I do forward requests
    Already mentioned that I dont know how (personally dont have time to trail and error to find out) I asked him many times but he doesnt give me the answer
    pity ofcourse but im mainly happy about that he does faces for me and does a lot of other content too so i dont want to bother him about faces

    Kits will be updated bit by bit it’ll take time but it’ll be worth it

    Thanks for everyone’s support and whose been following the mod it’s all appreciate and I hope you’ll enjoy the coming updates

  5. Primero agradecerte Faith, grandioso parche, pero digo las cosas que vi mal, los estadios de pes 15 no funcionan, y vi que las camisetas de porto y benfica, que los nombres se ven mal en la espalda.
    Sin animos de criticar, solo de ayudar con el feedback para mejorar el parche.
    Saludos y gracias

  6. Hi mate your work is great you are the best modders in [PES gaming]
    Just one question for me what league you have decide to introduce in [PES2016]

  7. I want report that something is wrong in Borussia Dortmund, a player appears thumbnail in the matches, no name, stats 40 & freeze the game in edit mode. I think he is Kagawa. Your mod is wonderful

    • Dortmund problem its solved now in new savedata, thank u. I fix kits for Valencia, original konami are wrong. I do 4 officials kits for Champions, 4 for Liga and incorporate 2 GK. If u want i send u for look them and incorporate to the mod if you like :)

        • Steven, Dortmund works fine for me with savedata 24/10, Kagawa its ok. As I read here it seems that the last savedata have any problem, I try with the savedata 24/10 version or I wait for the next update. Good luck mate

  8. In Dortmund Kagawa appears Dummy. Ligue 1 and Serie A transferts are not fixed. Please tell me all faces in this patch.

  9. Stadiums are working now! Good job!
    The only problem is that the pitch mod does not work with the new stadiums.
    Thank you.

  10. Funcionan todos los estadios ahora! El unico error que encontre, es que el estadio de Tokio al querer tocar start para ir al menu, se bloquea (freeza).
    Vi que se ven mal los nombres en las camisetas de benfica y porto.
    Saludos y gracias

  11. i cant open that savedata on my ps3,can anyone tell me how to open it?
    in my ps3 the save data utility always cant read anything from usb

    • in your usb create folder “PS3”, Inside that folder create folder “SAVEDATA” , then inside that “SAVEDATA” folder place your “BLUSXXXXX” or “BLESXXXXX” or any other region save data you use

  12. hi this amazing patch just want to ask ? you are going to upgrade the kit CONMEBOL national teams and the second kit of Real Madrid is very green stripes and 5 Manchester United are not the sleeves

  13. I’d say this is the greatest patch so far. Thank you, master.
    As you mentioned, you want the people just to forward this post, but do not copy the patches outside the original site. We should follow that.
    But as we live in China, you know, it’s difficult to get your patches. Unless we off the wall…
    So, I’ve copied the patches to China site and sharing with Chinese PES fans before I get your permission.

    So, I’m hoping you could understand me, and get your permission to keep them.
    Of course, if you want me to remove, I’ll do that.

    Looking forward to your response.

    • Datapack have just uploaded not too long ago although it is an edited version
      because it messes up some things in the mod so i moved some of the files
      you wont see all of the features straight away but i’ll release updates of dt10 to add the features bit by bit

  14. i have downloaded the 8/12 hypermod version on a clean BLES version and it is loading forever when i choose Chelsea VS Liverpool – i hope there is a fix in steps so we can all do it :)