PES 2016 Hi-res Crowd BETA by Fruits

Replaced the shirts by low contrast colors, to give a nice crowd effect.

Download PES2016 Hi-res Crowd BETA by Fruits PES 2016 Hi-res Crowd
PES 2016 Hi-res Crowd by Fruits

Color adjustment and placement
Face and skin tone variation

Summer crowd is complete
Working on rain and winter, and also i need to change the default crowd faces from konami (face_b, face_w etc)

uploaded zippyshare

21mb download – 261 when extracted from the rar. Please notice that this is a BETA there is stuff to be fixed. This download only contains the crowd mod, not the turfs.

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  1. Well, Its just amazing … If you can only do 2 things:
    1. Make them more versatile : models, clothes …etc
    2. Make them or some of them dressed based on the home team.
    If you did that It will be the crowd modifier to the game.

  2. I like all your mods without using sweetfx, really good work by u but much appreciated if you could do 4k & 8k texture mod. Thanks! appreciated.