PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update 26.10.15 by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch Update 26.10.15 by Yair

* decreased ball speed on passing and Shooting
* improved reaction of the ball when rebounding from the GK
* ball roll on the pitch less then the original game.

** this is not CORE series patch , I will explain what are the deference soon.


Pass : yairpatch

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  1. hello , I listen to your patch I downloaded all of them, but how they really work ? because I will use only one inserted in the game folder , that I start as if it were the original game exe ….. what I want to know is , I have to put all your patches in the game folder and do as the single patches preferred by me I have to start the exe of the original game ? …. I do not know if I explained well ….. enlighten you of the real operation of the patch …..

  2. It’s the best gameplay since PES 6. Is slower, more agility in players and better shoots. Good job Yair! Try it hard and thank you!

  3. program unable to start again… error 0*c0000142…. all version.. please correct the error is stop making this mediocre patch

  4. i play with man utd super star level vs Liverpool i make 6 fouls and i get 2 red cards and 1 yellow
    com make about 15 fouls and i get 2 fouls and no any card for them, i loose 2-1, i play 6 minutes each half

      • What i was saying was, “does this patch help the A.i on your team also.” Because i usually concede a lot of goals that i know my keeper should have saved and my defenders should have stop.

        Yeah the red card problem was notorious in pes 2015, the ref always gave you red cards and the other team gets nothing for drop kicking you in the face and scoring a cheap goal after that. I swear Konami just doesn’t know how to make challenging A.i.