PES 2016 Gameplay Patch Update (Released 03.10.15) by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch Update 03.10 by Yair

* testing some changes with the passing system
* improving AI movement and build up play


* crash may be caused by one of the changes.

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  1. Hi: Great¡. the best version until now..( I have played all them)…But I would like to have the posibility that the game was lower,, it´s possible?…Thanks ans best regards..

  2. Do any of you now where are this Animated Adboards like in PES15?Is it possible to put in to PES16 this Animated Adboards from PES15?

  3. Nice patch. I see many people are complaining about the goalies but they are not the problem. The problem is that shots don’t go wide often enough. It’s just too easy to aim them in the corners and score even with players who have bad ratings.

  4. Please, anyone can post the 3dm crack, I don’t find hime but I lovely to use this gameplaypatch who works only with 3dm crack…thx

  5. Patch to restructure the competitions in south america PES 2016
    delete players duplicates
    delete teams duplicates
    add MLS
    add Bundesliga
    correct player’s names
    no more thanks be cause if Konami send a new DLC everything gonna crash.
    who have this patch?