PES 2016 Gameplay Patch 27.10.15 – PES 5 LIKE GAMEPLAY – by Yair

PES 2016 Gameplay Patch 27.10.15 - PES 5 LIKE GAMEPLAY

* teams plays slower and more compact
* animation are now complete in most cases and do not break at the end of them


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  1. Amazing, I still can’t get past the multiple windows opening with my browser locking up from all the scare-ware links. Hopefully one day you’ll use a different type of link.

  2. I have 1,4 (core),please Yair,how install new update,and please tell me i install corect:
    Rename “coregameplaypatch 1.4” too PES2016 an paste in folder game,is corect?

  3. Hey whatsup fellow ballers, yo YAIR do i need to have previous versions installed? or i can download this update and it will include all previous updates?

  4. I play 6 games and i thing this patch is perfect, i think if yair fix REFEREES i don’t need something else.
    please yair fix REFEREES if you can.

  5. Am i the only one who cant run this exe? i`ve never had problems with previous yair patches… Do i have to rename it or something? Thanks!

  6. am such a fool… all along i thought that i was supposed to install this patch. so you just replace it with the main exe file? please indicate that. oh my! am such a blonde!

  7. Renamed the file to 2016.exe and copied over the “reloaded” one, and I get error (0x0000142), running as administrator or not, does not matter.

  8. I do not have 3DM crack I gave nosTEAM Game, so what can I do? It is difficult to find 3DM crack for PES16, I have just for PES15. Please can u tell me where to find 3DM crack??

  9. I like it so far but the cpu never make a foul.. and I extended my matches time to test it, no fouls from cpu at all, please fix that! i d like to have the chance of some free kicks and pks without having to play against humans. (no fouls = no reality)

  10. Hello again, i agree with you that this patch is almost perfect, bud really i cant not play with this very very stupid referees, i don’t now how many games i play till now but i remember that i won only one penalty and few fouls and my players get always red and yellow cards.
    Anyway i don’t now if Fifa is better i never play Fifa, bud if pes 2016 is ton a be like this i thing am going to play Fifa at least am ton a try and believe me tho is ton a be first time

  11. We always expect and ask for realism on these games.. matches are full of free kicks, penalties and incidences… more than goals actually.. so either konami, Mr. Yair or someone else improve it before lots of gamers turn to FIFA..

  12. I agree! I don t know that basketball game but they should know that “to score a goal” is the goal of this sport, so in reality nobody will be standing still while you put the ball inside his rectangle!! konami should realise that the gameplay is the key of the game, if they just bring a realistic one and don’t waste time and money on getting licenses.. pretending a full dlc just with those things that lots of modder can fix easily.. we all would have a great game!