PES 2016 Gameplay Patch 1.4 (Core) Update 22.10.2015 by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch 1.4 by Yair

* bugs fixing
* improved AI movement and positioning
* slightly better GK and REFEREE


Password: yairpatch

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  1. Thank you for your constant improvement work, the PES is much better with your gameplays …Thanks so much Yair…Regards.

  2. I had no trouble getting this running on a none genuine version of PES, now im all legit its saying “game already playing” when i try and run your patch… please help! I cant go back to Vanilla gameplay

  3. Thanks David, picked up the old comments for previous version, mentioning the need for the 3dm crack (or additional files included with the .exe)
    Guess I will just have to move the steam stuff back into the folder when I can stomach trying to play the online lagfest again!.

  4. and i dont need to do marking anymore cauze the deffenders close all the holes and the CPU is scoring only if i panic and i didn’t deffend well . and by the way the goalkeepers are better i mean way way better

  5. Noticeable better AI movement and placing.
    GK slightly improved; stopped few one-to-one shots but still sloppy.

    Patch working fine, no performance loss. Thanks!

  6. original exe works finest, and it does not contain a zillion ads as usual…this guy just releases for ad clicks…100 patches a season!!!,,,silly and pointless

      • yair that adrian canada been stealing your work. admin removed the file on pes patch but on pes 16 moddingway he has version 3 running right after you updated 1.4

  7. application was unable to start correctly in all of the versions… can you please shove this thing up your rear hole?

  8. I used the reloaded version and was able to fix the launch problem by reinstalling and accepting the installation of all the suggested files (directx and other stuff, sorry i forgot) then instead of applying the crack supplied by reloaded, I used the 3dm crack files.
    then place and rename the file to PES2016.exe, run as admin. Hope it works for you guys too

  9. Please fix master league too, all matches happen night only, please make it day, night etc, thanks for your great work..

  10. please fix goalkeeper they so sloppy ..totally when dealing one on one and long range shot…make it one on one a 50 – 50 % …and the keeper can safe the first shot and just lay down slow to get up when ball is still on the penalty area…. fix goalkeeper and referee….referee don’t give a fair foul making a dreadful tackle and no foul was given…

  11. first i install 1.4
    and after i install the rest and the game-play now is much different
    please tell me if i have to install only last one or all of them

  12. by the way am super star player
    when i install 1.4 the game was very difficult
    when i install all of them the game became very easy

  13. thanks for answering
    first time i use yair patch first i download 1.4 and i play few games and the it was very very hard for me to play,
    after i install the rest of the patches and i play 2-3 games and the game became easy maybe am wrong am going to play more games and i let you now.
    please tell me if i have to install only 1.4 or if i need previously patches?

  14. when i install 1.4 goalkeepers of other teams in master league was perfect
    they make excellent saves but my gk very weak after the computer gk was very weak to

  15. You only have to use 1.4 yair patch untless you like any of the older versions of his patch ! each patch he releases has something different who know you may like yairs 1.1 patch if that is it then download 1.1 patch and put it into pes 2016 folder if you like 1.4 just put that into the pes 2016 folder ofcource with the 3dm crack files which you onlynhave to do 1x

  16. error: procedure entry point SteamController could not be located in dynamic link library > when i tried to use the patch. anyone could help with this? ty.