PES 2016 Gameplay Patch 1.3 (Core) Update 18.10.2015 by Yair

Download PES2016 Gameplay Patch 1.3 (Core) by Yair

* bugs fixing
* dynamic gameplay
* better GK reaction and positioning
* first touch error


Password: yairpatchcore

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  1. Woww Yair if the GOALKEEPER patch actually works this will be amazing,all thousands of players need is a gk patch to fix slow reactions and not getting low fast enough which is the game breaker in pes 2016.Will try it now

  2. Gracias, como se puede configurar en el torneo COPA KONAMI para elegir 2 o más equipos iguales (ejem: Bayer vs Bayer) y el tiempo solo de noche.

  3. best gameplay patch you made !!!!!
    very dynamic thanks a lot !
    goalkeeper are still shit btw… (5 shots and 3 goals against IA superstar full manual)
    thanks !!!

  4. Nice one, gameplay has improved a lot with your patches. IA goalkeepers stop much more shots, almost all them from out the box. Playing Leyend with -1 speed is amazing now. Great job Yair!!!

  5. None of your Patch versions work on my computer. I have downloaded the dll. which a missing even they are already excisting. Could it be poosible that it doesn´t work because I use the PTE Patch? I´m from Germany and have to Play PEAS over the Steam server.

  6. I can start it when I close steam before. One more question. When I started the version 1.3 does it include the improvements of the other two versions?

  7. Yair, a suggestion for you – make the fake shot much more effective. When I fake the shot outside of the box, it doesn’t work 9 times out of 10.- defender just takes the ball without pause. In real life a fake shot is very effective to make defender pause.

  8. Dear Developer,
    Could you please tell me how to install it? I have tried to rename the file to PES2016 and paste it in the gamefolder and overwrite. But cannot open it anymore. What happened? Please tell me. Thak you!

  9. I think is a big challenge, I mean increasing animation speed. No body can improve this, the only problem in the pes 2016 is about animation speed. Yair thank you for all your patch’s but we just want to fix this, if you can please!!!?

  10. Dribbling has to be fixed. You can still dash dribble straight through any AI defense with ease on superstar. Game is unplayable against the computer.

    I appreciate your work though :)

  11. yair i am finding it difficult to download from the keeplink .com… i cant write the captcha. please create another link like zippyshare… thanks

  12. I don’t know whether its just me. But this patch has made the game very easy. I scored 7 goals with Marseille against PSG on Superstar in 10 min match time. I’m going back to 1.1 for the time being.

    • It´s very easy because you are playing in Superstar, play Leyend Manual on -1 speed and tell us again it´s very easy ;)

      • I think in English is called Legendary, but the difficulty level is there. Not trolling anyone dude, not my fault if you can´t go over Amateur without shitting your pants ;)

        Hint: Google for it before acusing others to be trolling if you don´t know about a certain thing, Google is your friend ;)

  13. I have the game (not d’ld) and steam on my PC I am using the PTE patch and this is the 2nd version I’ve tried to install and it tells me I am missing a Steam.dll file .. which I find hard to believe as in the last week Steam on my PC has updated itself ..and if I did have a missing Steam file wouldn’t that mean I couldn’t get the game loaded via Steam?

  14. Guys to make defense better you need to edit teams make the CB style destroyers and DM and also change defence to more compact and goalkeeper defence prowress to 99 game playes much better after that lots of work though try it with a few team to test

  15. Really loving this patch, The PC version is now a proper nice place to play this game, with all the patches & resolution turned up…. ‘Throws PS4 in the bin’

  16. I copy the .exe on the pes2016 directory and doubleclick “coregameplaypatch1.3.exe” and I have an dll error. It hapens with the 3 versions of this patch.

  17. las defensas te dejan pasar con facilidad cuando vas corriendo, cuando juegas lento (pases cortos) la IA funciona bien cerrandote huecos y “amontonandose” en el area, pero si vas regateando los defensas se quedan parados sin hacer por el balon en lo mas minimo.